July 18, 2010

Client Software Aggregators

Client Software Aggregators

Client software aggregators are installed applications designed to collect Web feed subscriptions and group them together using a user-friendly interface. The graphical user interface of such applications often closely resembles that of popular e-mail clients, using a three-panel composition in which subscriptions are grouped in a frame on the left, and individual entries are browsed, selected, and read in frames on the right.

Software aggregators can also take the form of news tickers which scroll feeds like ticker tape, alerter that display updates in windows as they are refreshed, web browser macro tools or as smaller components (sometimes called plug-in or extensions), which can integrate feeds into the Operating System or software applications such as a Web browser.

Client libraries

Many programming languages have libraries that are able to download, process, generate and upload RSS feeds. Perl for example has several libraries in the XML::RSS name space of CPAN.

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