July 18, 2010

Free Email Service from Google - Gmail -10 reasons to use Gmail

English: Gmail logo
English: Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many reasons that Gmail different from other free email providers, lets have a look at few-

1. Spam Blocker - You can even block the spam by reporting it  and help make our spam filters even better. Learn more about the Google's innovative technology to keep spam out of your inbox or Watch this video to see how Gmail combat spam. 

2. Inbuilt Search Engine to Search all your mails -
You can use the Gmail Search engine exactly the same way the Google online search engine. To know more on how to effectively search your email in Gmail interface you can refer to - 
Google search within Gmail to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received. However Google Search do not support special characters.
To learn more about Gmail's search features, click one of the options below:
3. Grouping of same conversation
Whenever you send any response to any email in Gmail, that response is grouped to that email, therefore you do not have to search the sent items to look for the response sent to that email. Gmail groups all such responses received and sent to any conversation into one mail group. This conversation view continues to grow as new replies arrive, so you can always see your messages in context. To see all the messages in a conversation, just click Expand all.
Other Gmail related articles on Google-
4. Chat, Voice or Video Chat all at one place
Gmail has the inbuilt Text Chat, Voice Chat and Video Chat options in its Standard Version. To avoid the bandwidth usage and if you are using a slow connection you can always use the Basic HTML version that do not supports these features. For Video chat you should have the webcam and must have installed this
Voice & Chat tool

5. Gmail uses Labels instead of Ancient Folder Structure.
With Gmail you can manage your mails more effectively by labeling them to specific labels (single or multiple). In the ancient Folder structure a mail can be sent only to one folder, almost all the other email providers are still using Folder structure to manage the emails. Moreover filters can also be created so that the incoming mail gets automatically labeled by the specific given label, as soon as it arrives. 
Starring messages
is another way you can organize your inbox. Plus, it looks pretty.

6. Gmail in Mobile
You can also access Gmail from Mobile. The days of needing your computer to get to your inbox are long gone. Get your own Gmail on Mobile here.

7. More than 8 GB Space (as of 13 August 2009).
Gmail provides the largest email storage in the online storage for free emails. You can always buy more storage here

 To check your storage usage you can always check it here.

8. Related Ads on the right hand sidebar that compliments the content on the email.
Gmail never shows annoying pop-ups and useless ads. At the top you can news clips that you configure as per your interests in the settings tab and the sidebar contains the ads complimenting the content of your email.

9. Automatic Address generation while typing email addresses.
Whenever you are sending any email to anyone from your address book, then Gmail automatically types that address for you when you type few words from that address or give the similar suggestions from your address book. Gmail also saves all the emails address to the address book where you send emails. You can also take advantage Keyboard Shortcuts available in Gmail to get through your email even faster and do a lot of tasks at relatively faster speed.
10. Cool themes in Mozilla Browser
Gmail supports a lot of cool themes for Mozilla browser that enhances & personalize the look and feel of Gmail.

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