August 13, 2010

Blog fiction

Old book bindings at the Merton College library.
Blog fiction is a form of fiction writing that uses blogs to reach its readership. It is a small-scale fringe activity in the world of blogging, and although it has generated some literary critical interest, it remains isolated. It is presented in many forms, from a pretend diary or posted novel to a serialblog.

Though many critics and literary scholars dismiss blog fiction as an inferior and faddish literary form, there is a trend towards the recognition of blogs as a legitimate arena of fiction production. For instance, self-publishing provider Lulu sponsors the "Blooker" prize, which began in 2006. The Blooker prize is an award given to the best "blook" of the year: a work of fiction begun as blog fiction and then transformed into a printed publication. Thus, even despite the radical and democratizing potential of blog fiction, printed works still maintain greater authority and "official" status in the world of fiction and academia.

However, many fictional blogs do not survive to this stage, and there exists no common recognition in general internet readership for fictional blogs per se at this time.

The blog Asher Marr puts forth the notion that blog fiction can stand on its own as a separate social-media object of live literary entertainment, attributes which static literary works, especially those in print, simply cannot match.

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