August 24, 2010

Blogger Launched the Search Box Gadget in Production Environment

As per the

Blogspot Official Blog
Blogger has launched the Search Gadget finally in the
production environment. With this gadget, your readers will be able to search
not just your posts, but web pages linked from your blog, your blog list, and
link lists.
To add the gadget, go to your blog’s
Layout page, then click “Add a Gadget” and click on “Search Box.” Configuration
is easy: just select which elements you want your readers to be able to search.

The gadget uses the AJAX Search APIs
to provide a tightly-coupled inline experience, and creates a Custom Search
Engine for your blog that automatically updates when you update your blog, blog
lists, or link lists.

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For Developers

Ajax Search API-
The AJAX Search gadget for Blogger is now
available to all users on This gadget accesses a Custom Search
Engine (CSE) that is created automatically for your blog and provides search
results inline, with the look and feel of your blog. You can get all this with
just a few clicks from the Blogger control panel.

Custom Search Engine-
Custom Search enables anyone to create a tuned search experience that’s
contextually relevant. For example:

  • Individuals can create a
    personalized search experience around their bookmarks, blogs, and public web

  • Web site owners can provide Site

  • Publishers can provide search
    across multiple publications

  • Communities can collaborate to
    create topical search engines across thousands of web pages
For most of the bloggers that uses
some the most popular blogging platforms like WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger,
Vox, Movable Type, B2Evo etc, this platforms typically provide in-built search
based tools that allow searching across published blog posts, or across tags and
categories within that platform setup. With Google Custom Search, you can go one
step ahead: you can define a search experience that evolves over time, and
includes not just your blog posts, but links extracted from those posts, as well
as links from your blog’s link lists and blog lists - in short, all items of
interest related to your blog.

Custom Search Engine APIs
- Google Custom
Search enables you to search over a website or a collection of websites. You can
harness the power of Google to create a search engine tailored to your needs and
interests, and you can present the results in your website. Your custom search
engine can prioritize or restrict search results based on websites you specify.

Google AJAX Search API
- The Google AJAX Search API lets you put
Google Search in your web pages with JavaScript. You can embed a simple, dynamic
search box and display search results in your own web pages or use the results
in innovative, programmatic ways. See the examples below for inspiration.

Custom Search Element
- Add the Custom
Search element, and let visitors search your site and other sites you choose
using the power of Google Custom Search. If you like, earn revenue from your
site with AdSense for Search.

Google Web Elements
allow you to easily add your favorite Google products
onto your own website.
Just use the below code to implement
the CSE for your site or blog.

<!– Google Custom Search Element –>

<div id=”cse” style=”width:100%;”>Loading</div>

<script src=”

<script type=”text/javascript”>

google.load(’search’, ‘1′);



}, true);



You can create a Custom Search
element in two convenient ways: via the Custom

Search element wizard
, or by selecting the appropriate options within the

Search control panel

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