August 16, 2010

Books: DNS and BIND (5th Edition)

DNS and BIND (5th Edition)

The Domain Naming System (DNS) is a glorious thing. It takes familiar Internet network and machine names (like "") and converts them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (like "") that are meaningful to routers and therefore useful for identifying the machine you want to reach. What's amazing is that DNS enables someone in Germany to refer, by name, to a computer in Mongolia even if no one in Germany has ever accessed the distant machine before. It's pretty much self-configuring, too: No human effort in Germany is necessary to make the Mongolian machine reachable by name. DNS and BIND explains how DNS works better for this than any other piece of documentation, printed or otherwise. The work of Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu, now in its fourth revision, has long been considered a classic among systems administrators and network architects, particularly those with a Unix bent. The fourth edition is mainly an update: The authors have added coverage of incremental and conditional zone transfer with BIND's new NOTIFY features, as well as of Transaction Signatures (TSIG), and DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). Sections on firewalling and DNS for IPv6 addresses have been expanded. Throughout, Albitz and Liu maintain their impeccable style, combining text and illustrative listings into an educational whole. --David Wall Topics covered: The Domain Naming System (DNS) and how it's implemented by BIND (through versions 8.2.3 and 9.1.0), how to set up BIND, how to configure MX records for mail service, parent and child domains, NOTIFY, and DNS security.

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  • Author: Cricket Liu

  • Publication Date: 2006-05-26

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.

  • Product Group: Book

  • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media, Inc.

  • Binding: Paperback, 640 pages

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  • ISBN: 0596100574

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