August 22, 2010

Breaking News: Google to Acquire AdMob for $750 Million.

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As per the

AdMob's official Site
-  on 9th Nov 2009, it was announced that Google
will acquire Admob.
As per the Omar -

"There are so many people to thank for getting us to this point. We've
benefited from the advice and support of the best investors and advisers in
the world. We've had tremendous publishers, advertisers, and partners. We're
very excited by all the very real benefits this will bring for them. Our ads
will become more relevant, our products more robust, and our monetization
capabilities more significant. Most importantly, I've had the honor of working
with a team of people that were all, top to bottom, completely committed to
our mission. I've never in my career seen such dedication, excellence, and
passion. This is a group that is smart, fun, and very focused on building and
launching amazing products. We've been able to keep the bar so high that I
often tell people that I'm very lucky to have founded the company in the first
place, as I am fairly certain I wouldn't have made it through the interviews.
So let me be plain: None of this would have this happened without the team at
AdMob, and I will be forever in their debt."

Why Google is buying Admob -
Google and AdMob were kind enough to chat with us
for a few minutes about today's deal.

After the conversation, we're more comfortable that Google hasn't gone
stark-raving mad. In fact, we think it's probably a smart bet.

  • What's AdMob's revenue?

  • Is that gross revenue or net revenue?

  • What is the revenue split between AdMob and

  • Why did Google pay stock instead of cash, thus
    giving up boatloads of future upside?

  • How could AdMob possibly be worth $750 million?

  • How long are AdMob's deals with its 15,000

  • What future scenario could justify this purchase

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