August 26, 2010

Decompose the main task into smaller tasks

Decompose the main task into smaller tasks .The smaller ones to still smaller activities.
It is always easier to work with the smaller tasks when compared to large tasks. This is very useful in performing Exploratory Testing because lack of test cases might lead us to different routes. By having a smaller task, the scope as well as the boundary are confined which will help the tester to focus on his testing and plan accordingly.
If a big task is taken up for testing, as we explore the system, we might get deviated from our main goal or task. It might be hard to define boundaries if the application is a new one. With smaller tasks, the goal is known and hence the focus and the effort required can be properly planned.
Example: An application that provides email facility. The new users can register and use the application for the email. In such a scenario, the main task itself can be divided into smaller tasks. One task to check if the UI standards are met and it is user friendly. The other task is to test if the new users are able to register with the application and use email facility.
Thus the two tasks are smaller which will the corresponding groups to focus their testing process.

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