August 1, 2010

Detailed Features of Adobe Illustrator CS4

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Features of Adobe Illustrator

Design with powerful creative tools
Explore multiple design options and generate intricate graphics using robust creative features. Industry-standard drawing tools and powerful effects allow you to experiment freely and quickly achieve just the look you want.
Sophisticated vector drawing controls
Blob Brush tool new
Create a single, clean vector shape as you sketch, even when strokes overlap. Use the Blob Brush tool together with the Eraser and Smooth tools for natural vector painting.

Eraser tool
Remove areas of artwork with the Eraser tool as easily as you erase pixels in Adobe® Photoshop® software, and enjoy complete control over the width, shape, and smoothness of the erasure.

Precise positioning enhanced
Position objects and anchor points with expert precision using the Align, Transform, and Control panels along with newly refined Smart Guides. Align to the artboard, key object, or crop area with visual feedback, thanks to on-object readouts.

Flexible brushes enhanced
Add flair to paths with customized brushes. Choose from calligraphic, scatter, art, and pattern brushes, or make your own custom brush. For tablet users, pressure sensitivity is even more subtle and controllable in Adobe Illustrator® CS4.

Smooth tool
Reduce or eliminate unwanted bumps in a path using the Smooth tool. Use together with the Blob Brush tool and the Eraser tool to sketch naturally and refine your shapes to perfection.

Live Trace
Quickly and accurately convert photos, scans, or other bitmap images to editable and scalable vector paths. Define the look of your artwork with a variety of creative options and enjoy full control over the complexity of the resulting paths.

Path editing
Remove, connect, and split paths — and convert anchor points — using options in the Control panel. Select points more easily with rollover enlargement and toggle the visibility of your curve handles.

Point alignment
Align and distribute anchor points with one click using options in the Control panel. It's as easy as aligning and distributing objects.

Pen tool
Draw with precision using the Pen tool, which provides full control over anchor points and Bezier curves.

Pencil tool
Draw onscreen as you would on paper using the Pencil tool. Smooth out paths by simply drawing a new line near the path you want to alter.

Stroke options
Define solid and dashed lines in the Stroke panel. Specify weight, miter limit, the style of joins and caps, and whether the stroke is inside, centered on, or outside the path.
Advanced typography
Character and Paragraph styles
Apply formatting to individual characters, lines of type, or entire paragraphs with a single click.

Paragraph composition

Optimize line breaks throughout an entire paragraph with minimal hyphenation and better word and letter spacing.

Text underline and strikethrough
Easily apply underlining and strikethroughs to any line of text, section of text, or text element.

Transparent text effects
Expand your typographic options using ghosted text, transparent drop shadows with soft edges, and other effects for transparent text.

OpenType fonts enhanced

Simplify cross-platform font management and take advantage of alternate glyphs and extended character sets with more than 80 included OpenType® fonts.

Automatic kerning and optical alignment
Adjust the space between letters using automatic kerning, and hang punctuation outside the edges of a text box using optical alignment.

Smart quotes and ligatures
Add polish to your designs with automatic smart quotes and proper ligatures.

Alternate Glyphs panel
Quickly access and apply alternates from an OpenType font's extended character set.
Color and creative effects

Live Color enhanced

Explore, apply, and control color variations using Live Color, which lets you select any artwork and interactively edit or replace colors to see results immediately. Use the intuitive Color Guide panel to quickly choose tints, shades, or harmonious color combinations.

Swatches panel
Organize swatches in groups and view them in organized hierarchies. Automatically name them by their color values, or name them intuitively. Easily access swatch libraries from a pop-up panel menu, view swatches in Adobe Bridge, and share them with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and InDesign® CS4 software.

Live Paint
Easily paint any closed or partially closed area of your artwork with the Live Paint Bucket, which automatically detects and corrects gaps and lets you interactively select colors from the Swatches panel for faster filling.

Refined graphic styles enhanced
Combine styles for unique effects and increased efficiency. Apply styles to an object without disturbing its original appearance. Preview styles applied to selected objects and to text. Choose from an expanded library of prebuilt styles to jump-start your projects.

Clipping masks demystified enhanced
Work with masks more easily, thanks to new viewing choices for both masks and masked objects. See only the clipped area, or visible parts, of your objects during moves and transforms. Edit the masking object in Isolation Mode or by using the Edit Clipping Path option.

Envelopes and live distortion
Warp, liquify, and distort artwork any way imaginable with envelopes and live distortion tools. Easily access envelope options from the Control panel.

Live effects
Apply live effects without affecting the underlying artwork, so you can edit at any time without starting over.

3D effects

Turn 2D shapes into fully editable 3D objects by extruding and revolving paths. Add lighting and wrap images around 3D shapes to easily create objects such as packaging mock-ups, and separate spot colors applied to 3D artwork.

Colorized grayscale
Assign a spot color to a linked, embedded, or opened grayscale image, or even apply a spot color to a drop shadow, and be confident that artwork will separate properly when printed.

Morph one shape into another to create smooth shading, complex contours, and basic animations.

Adobe Photoshop effects
Achieve a wide variety of looks by applying nondestructive live effects from the Adobe Photoshop Effect Gallery.

Symbol spraying
Add design elements to your artwork by spraying, scaling, colorizing, and adjusting the transparency of repeated symbols while keeping file sizes small.

Graphing tools
Communicate data clearly using powerful tools that make it easy to produce visually compelling charts and graphs, including quickly applying harmonious color groups with Live Color.
Gradients and transparency

Transparency in gradients new

Create a gradient of many colors and define the opacity of any of the individual color stops. Create rich color and texture mixes using multiple layers, knockouts, and cover-up fades.

Elliptical gradients new
Set dimensions of a radial gradient to create an elliptical gradient of any proportion. Gradient stop controls for color and opacity appear on the object, and you can directly control the angle and position of the gradient.

Unlimited transparency enhanced
Expand your design options with blending modes and transparency effects similar to those in Photoshop, including transparency controls within gradients.

Gradient Mesh
Simulate airbrush and watercolor effects by adding multiple colors and precisely controlling the transitions between colors.

Work smoothly and efficiently
Accomplish more and stay in the groove by working directly on the artboard. Interact with tools and options more easily and complete your projects efficiently using a wealth of innovative, timesaving features and shortcuts.
Workspace and tool accessibility

Multiple artboards new

Create files containing up to 100 artboards of varying sizes. Display the artboards any way you want — overlapping, side by side, or stacked. Save, export, and print artboards independently or together.

In-panel appearance editing new

Edit object characteristics directly in the Appearance panel, eliminating the need to open fill, stroke, or effects panels. Work with shared attributes and control display for faster rendering.

Actions on the artboard new
Choose options without interrupting your train of thought. Actions on the artboard provide contextual menus right where you're working so you can set options without moving your attention to panels at the edges of your workspace.

Gradients exposed new
Use gradient stop controls for color and opacity that appear right on your object, and directly control the angle and position of the gradient. Set dimensions of a radial gradient to create an elliptical gradient of any proportion.

Spring-loaded panels new
Get to your panels and options even more quickly with spring loading. Panels now expand automatically when you drag an object on top of the panel icon.

Tabbed document view new
Work with multiple open documents in a tabbed view so you can bring windows to the front with one click. You can also arrange multiple windows in tiled or cascaded views for easy visual comparison and to click and drag objects across documents for copying.

Control panel
Discover more options faster and free up screen space by accessing anchor point controls, clipping masks, envelope distortions, and more from the context-sensitive Control panel.

Flexible workspace enhanced
Increase your efficiency using space-saving features and custom viewing options. View the toolbar in one column, dock self-adjusting panels as icons, set panel overlap just the way you like it, choose darker or lighter workspace color, and more.

Color-blind workspace new
Proof your artwork to help ensure that your color selections convey information properly for viewers who are color-blind. Illustrator CS4 supports proofing for both protanopia and deuteranopia, types of red-green color blindness.

Custom workspaces
Work more efficiently using custom workspaces that display only the panels you need for a specific task. Save, share, or access any workspace at any time, or use workspace presets.

Layers panel
Organize complex artwork using an unlimited number of layers, nested layers, and layer masks. Find selected objects quickly by displaying the layer selection color.

Photoshop layer comp support
Control the visibility of layer comps in linked, embedded, or opened Photoshop files from within Illustrator CS4.

Tool option quick access
Instantly access the options for tools, including the Brush, Eraser, Eyedropper, Graph, and Symbol tools, by double-clicking them in the Tools panel.

Adobe Bridge CS4 enhanced
Use Adobe Bridge to efficiently browse and preview your creative assets, run automation scripts, access new Adobe services, and more.

Wacom tablet support enhanced
Take advantage of pressure-sensitive drawing and erasing with a Wacom tablet such as the Cintiq, as well as Intuous3 features like rotation, bearing, and tilt sensitivity. Enjoy even more pressure sensitivity and control in Illustrator CS4.
Shortcuts and time-savers

Practical Smart Guides enhanced

Use more intuitive Smart Guides, with an unobtrusive appearance and new behaviors such as alignment to objects on the artboard rather than to the cursor. Get immediate feedback with on-object readouts that show x and y coordinates when you move objects, and show the angle when you rotate objects.

Powerful selection tools enhanced

Select all objects that share an attribute using the Select Same command in the Control panel or Select menu. Select by same color or opacity, by similar Live Paint fills and strokes, and even by shared appearance.

Isolation Mode advances enhanced
Take advantage of new functionality in Isolation Mode, which now supports more object types, including clipping masks. You can add new art to a particular place in the stacking order and be free of the menu commands for arranging and pasting in front or back.

New Document Profiles enhanced
Start creating new artwork quickly by selecting prebuilt profiles for various types of media. Save custom profiles that specify setup parameters such as multiple artboards, artboard dimensions, styles, and color spaces.

Graphic styles enhanced
Apply attributes to multiple objects, groups, and layers using graphic styles that you can save and reapply. Apply styles additively and see the results with accurate previews on both objects and text.

Reuse designs by saving files as templates that include objects you want to reuse along with setup parameters such as layers and placeholder elements.

Easily accessible libraries
Quickly use prebuilt brushes, thematic swatch libraries, and graphic styles that are easily accessible from the Swatches, Brushes, Symbols, and Graphic Styles panels.

Professionally designed content enhanced

Jump-start your projects with professionally designed templates, flowchart symbols, brushes, creative symbols, graphic styles, and more than 80 OpenType fonts — all included with Illustrator CS4.

Consistent results with presets
Get consistent results and save time with included presets for Adobe PDF file creation, transparency flattening, color, and printing.

Copy object attributes such as color and text formatting from one object to another using the Eyedropper tool, which works just like the Eyedropper in Photoshop.

Multiple undo and redo
Easily retrace your steps as you work by using the Undo and Redo commands.

WYSIWYG font menu
Quickly select typefaces from the Font menu, which identifies font technology and displays a sample of each font.

Tools for automation

Automated processing

Make tools like Live Trace even more efficient by automatically batch-processing images in Adobe Bridge while continuing to work in Illustrator CS4.

Save time by recording frequently performed tasks as actions, which you can manage in the Actions panel.

Industry-leading scripting support
Extend the capabilities of Illustrator to automate repeated production tasks, build your own feature capabilities, or enforce a specific workflow by writing custom JavaScript, AppleScript, or Microsoft Visual Basic scripts.

Dynamic, data-driven graphics
Quickly create custom artwork variations using scripts to connect graphic variables to unique data.

Ability to save selections

Streamline a range of production tasks by saving complex selections so you can quickly reload them later.
Online services

Adobe Community Help new

Access the power of an online search engine from within Creative Suite 4, but with more targeted results. Searchable content includes the in-depth, product-specific Help that Adobe has always delivered, plus additional Adobe and third-party content chosen by experts at Adobe and in the design and production communities.

Adobe Kuler new

Explore, create, and share color themes with Adobe Kuler™. Kick-start your creative projects with color inspiration from the online Kuler community, accessible from the new Kuler panel within Illustrator CS4, the Kuler website, and the Kuler Adobe AIR™ application. Browse and search for thousands of themes, download directly into your Swatches panel, and even upload your own themes to share.

Adobe ConnectNow from new is a set of online services you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify working with others. Thanks to the ability to access one of the services, Adobe ConnectNow, from within Illustrator CS4 and other Creative Suite 4 components, you can meet live over the web and share your screen with up to two online guests for no charge.

Deliver virtually anywhere
Move easily between Illustrator and components of Adobe Creative Suite® 4 software while confidently delivering graphics for print, interactive experiences, video, mobile, and motion effects. Print delivery is more reliable with Separations Preview. And with new user interface similarity among Creative Suite tools, work across applications is virtually seamless.

Web and interactive tools

Integration with Adobe Flash

Import native Illustrator files into Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional software, or copy and paste artwork from Illustrator to Flash, with paths, anchor points, gradients, clipping masks, and symbols intact. Layers, groups, and object names are also preserved.

Live Color for web and interactive
Quickly explore, apply, and control color variations for web and interactive designs. Easily create multiple versions for any web prototype or interactive design.

Symbols for Flash

Use Symbols to animate repeated objects while keeping file sizes small. Define and name symbol object attributes, and preserve these properties when you take the artwork to Flash CS4 Professional for further editing.

Web and mobile device export enhanced
Easily export using the Save for Web and Devices dialog box, which lets you choose from HTML, SWF, GIF, and JPEG formats, along with color count, compression, file size, mobile output, and more.

Adobe Device Central CS4 enhanced
Create rich graphic content for mobile devices and deliver engaging experiences to billions of subscribers with Adobe Device Central CS4. Design, preview, and test mobile content with this innovative visual testing tool that you can find within the Save for Web and Devices dialog box.

New Document Profiles for web, mobile, and devices enhanced
Select profiles for web or for mobile and devices when you open a new document that include prebuilt proportional crops, symbols, and more. Save custom profiles for your projects and clients.

Release To Layers
Quickly create basic animated graphics by blending two objects using the Release To Layers command and then exporting the graphic as a SWF file.

Versatile slicing tools

Create vector-based slices from objects, groups of objects, or layers that are preserved when exporting your artwork as a SWF or PSD file.

Pixel Preview
Visualize just how your vector artwork will look when rasterized using the Pixel Preview mode. Edit your artwork and watch the pixel view change live — as you work.
Prepress and desktop print tools

Separations Preview new
Avoid color output surprises such as unexpected spot colors, unwanted overprinting, overprints that don't overprint, white overprinting, and CMYK blacks in text and placed files.

Support for bleeds new
Quickly set up your artboards for bleeds with the new Bleeds document attribute. You can choose to work with bleeds when you open a new document or add them later in the Document Setup dialog box.

Live Color for print and prepress enhanced
For reliable spot color printing, use Color Reduction tools in the Live Color panel to quickly find and convert colors in your artwork to a defined number of specific colors.

DeviceN colorspace

Place duotone or separated Photoshop images in Illustrator and preserve the file's native color space wit

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