August 24, 2010

Domain names- with www or without www?

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World Wide
Whenever you start any site it starts with www or without it, but at
the root its their everywhere. For a general user it does not make that much
difference but technically its a different scenario.
What I have
experienced that most of the people have the tendency of typing just the domain
name and then hit Ctrl+Enter so that automatically the space with www and
So if you type
“Yahoo” and hit ctrl+Enter  it will become So by
default www is always there. But if your site is enabled to show up even when
www is not there then it has both pros and cons of that.
Now if a user has
the ease of just typing the domain name and then dotcom at the end and hit
enter. They are easy in typing but when you visit the trackers or indexing
services like Google or Yahoo they index the pages differently from both these
versions. So you have different type of indexes for the same type of content. It
can sometimes help as now you have two links in the search engines for the same
content and thus the probability of showing at least one link increases but at
the same time it also increases the probability of duplicate content, however
you do not have duplicate content but search engines view it as duplicate
content and thus can penalize you by removing the whole site from index. So Be
I would say don’t
use it, Use only type of link, you can achieve this using the redirects in .htaccess
file or in the redirect control panel of your site hosting package. So in this
way whenever a user comes to your site he will get redirected to the main link.
Happy Building…. :)

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