August 17, 2010

Feed: URI scheme- Feed Protocol

In computing, the feed: URI scheme (sometimes referred to, imprecisely, as the feed protocol; see Protocol (computing)) is a non-standard URI scheme designed to facilitate subscription to web feeds; specifically, it is intended that a news aggregator be launched whenever a hyperlink to a feed: URI is clicked in a web browser.

The scheme is used to flag a document in a syndication format such as Atom or RSS. The document is served over HTTP.

Critics hold that the purpose of the feed: URI scheme is better served by MIME types, or that it is not a user-friendly solution for the problem of feed subscription, since a user who has not installed the appropriate software will receive an unhelpful browser error message on clicking a link to a feed: URI.

The feed: URI scheme is currently supported by several popular desktop aggregators, including NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, Safari, and Flock, although as of 2006 no effort seems to be underway to officially register the scheme with a standards body.

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