August 1, 2010

Google for Webmasters- Guide to All the Resources & Tools

  • Ranking- Relevance & Importance
    Google for webmasters- Guide to All the Resources
    This video will take you through the below topics-

    • Google For Webmasters - Overview

    • Your Site & Google

    • Your content & Google.

    • How Google discovers your Site.

    • Discovering the Sitemaps (XML Based).

    • Telling Google what not to Index.

    • Understanding accessibility

    • Accessibility & Googlebot.

    • Making your images more accessible.

    • Dynamic & Media rich content suggestions.

    • Importance of titles & Descriptions.

    • Duplicate content

    • Understanding PageRank

    • Fluctuations in PageRank & Ranking

    • Keeping your Site strong - Webmaster's Guidelines

    • Google's Resources for Webmasters

    • Webmaster Central

    • Webmaster Tools - Insider's view of your site.

    • Webmaster Tools - Helping Google help You.

    • Webmaster Tools - Discover More

    • Google Webmaster Help Center

    • Google Webmaster Help Group

    • Google Webmaster Central

    • Other useful tools & Resources

    • Creating & Sharing compelling content.

    • Deeper understanding of your site's visitors

    • Keep and Research of your Market

      If you are unable to view this video then you can also view this video here.
      This video will provide you a better understanding of the Google's Webmasters Tools that are available for all the site owners.
      There are many issues which obe should always keep in mind while developing your site -

      • Is their any way to reach to your site without knowing its URL, in other words can anyone discover your site for its content? Does any Search Engine knows that your site/pages exist on the web?

      • Can any search engine index or crawl your sites- There are sites that are not crawlable like, the site contains a huge database of information on Indian Railways - Train Schedules and fares. But this site will not give you anything unless you query its database and for that the computer needs someone that puts some data (PNR no, Train no.) that can be searched in that database.  A search engine cannot do this. Thus this huge valuable content cannot be indexed.

      • Can Google understand what your pages are about?- The content should be indexable and must hint out its usability to the search engines.

      • Are your pages optimally showing up in search results?
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