August 2, 2010

How Google Cache works- Advantages of Google Caching for your website.

Google takes a snapshot of each page examined as it crawls the web and caches these as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable. If you click on the "Cached" link, you will see the web page as it looked when we indexed it. The cached content is the content Google uses to judge whether this page is a relevant match for your query.

When the cached page is displayed, it will have a header at the top which serves as a reminder that this is not necessarily the most recent version of the page. Terms that match your query are highlighted on the cached version to make it easier for you to see why your page is relevant.

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 20 Aug 2009 11:55:06 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: iwebslog info  

The "Cached" link will be missing for sites that have not been indexed, as well as for sites whose owners have requested we not cache their content.

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Advantages of Google Caching
Practically every search result includes a Cached link. Clicking on that link takes you to the Google cached version of that web page, instead of the current version of the page. This is useful if the original page is unavailable because of:

  • Internet congestion

  • A down, overloaded, or just slow website

  • The owner’s recently removing the page from the Web
Sometimes you can access the cached version from a site that otherwise require registration or a subscription.

Note: Since Google’s servers are typically faster than many web servers, you can often access a page’s cached version faster than the page itself.

If Google returns a link to a page that appears to have little to do with your query, or if you can’t find the information you’re seeking on the current version of the page, take a look at the cached version.

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