August 26, 2010

Identify the Application Domain

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The exploratory testing can be performed by identifying the application domain. If the tester has good knowledge of domain, then it would be easier to test the system without having any test cases. If the tester were well aware of the domain, it would help analyzing the system faster and better. His knowledge would help in identifying the various workflows that usually exist in that domain. He would also be able to decide what are the different scenarios and which are most critical for that system. Hence he can focus his testing depending on the scenarios required. If a QA lead is trying to assign the tester to a task, it is advisable that the tester identifies the person who has the domain knowledge of that system for ET.
For example, consider software has been built to generate the invoices for its customers depending on the number of the units of power that has been consumed. In such a case exploratory testing can be done by identifying the domain of the application. A tester who has experience of the billing systems for the energy domain would fit better than one who does not have any knowledge. The tester who has knowledge in the application domain knows the terminology used as well the scenarios that would be critical to the system. He would know the ways in which various computations are done. In such a case, tester with good knowledge would be familiar to the terms like to line item, billing rate, billing cycle and the ways in which the computation of invoice would be done. He would explore the system to the best and takes lesser time. If the tester does not have domain knowledge required, then it would take time to understand the various workflows as well the terminology used. He might not be able to
focus on critical areas rather focus on the other areas.

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