August 26, 2010

Identify the Interfaces with other interfaces/external Applications

In the age of component development and maximum reusability, developers try to pick up the already developed components and integrate them. Thus, achieving the desired result in short time. In some cases it would help the tester explore the areas where the components are coupled. The output of one component should be correctly sent to other component. Hence such scenarios or workflows need to be identified and explored more. More focus on some of the shown areas that are more error prone.
Example: consider the online shopping application. The user adds the items to his cart and proceeds to the payments details page. Here the items added, their quantity etc should be properly sent to the next module. If there is any error in any of the data transfer process, the pay details will not be correct and the user will be billed wrong. There by leading to a major error. In such a scenario, more focus is required in the interfaces.
There may be external interfaces, like the application is integrated with another application for the data. In such cases, focus should be more on the interface between the two applications. How data is being passed, is correct data being passed, if there is large data, is transfer of entire data done or is system behaving abnormally when there is large data are few points which should be addressed.

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