August 26, 2010

Identify the Workflows

Identifying the workflows for testing any system without any scripted test cases can be considered as one of the best approaches used. The workflows are nothing but a visual representation of the scenarios as the system would behave for any given input. The workflows can be simple flow charts or Data Flow Diagram’s (DFD) or the something like state diagrams, use cases, models etc. The workflows will also help to identify the scope for that scenario. The workflows would help the tester to keep track of the scenarios for testing. It is suggested that the tester navigates through the application before he starts exploring. It helps the tester in identifying the various possible workflows and issues any found which he is comfortable can be discussed with the concerned team.
Example: Consider a web application used for online shopping. The application has various links on the web page. If tester is trying to test if the items that he is adding to cart are properly being added, then he should know the flow for the same. He should first identify the workflow for such a scenario. He needs to login and then select a category and identify the items and then add the item he would require. Thus without knowing the workflow for such a scenario would not help the tester and in the process loses his time.
In case he is not aware of the system, try to navigate through the application once and get comfortable. Once the application is dully understood, it is easier to test and explore more bugs.

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