August 26, 2010

Installation Testing

Installation testing is often the most under tested area in testing. This type of testing is performed to ensure that all Installed features and options function properly. It is also performed to verify that all necessary components of the application are, indeed, installed.

Installation testing should take care of the following points: -
  1. To check if while installing product checks for the dependent software / patches say Service pack3.
  2. The product should check for the version of the same product on the target machine, say the previous version should not be over installed on the newer version.
  3. Installer should give a default installation path say “C:\programs\.”
  4. Installer should allow user to install at location other then the default installation path.
  5. Check if the product can be installed “Over the Network”
  6. Installation should start automatically when the CD is inserted.
  7. Installer should give the remove / Repair options.
  8. When uninstalling, check that all the registry keys, files, Dll, shortcuts, active X components are removed from the system.
  9. Try to install the software without administrative privileges (login as guest).
  10. Try installing on different operating system.
Try installing on system having non-compliant configuration such as less memory / RAM / HDD.

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