August 26, 2010

Management Reviews

Management reviews are performed by those directly responsible for the system in order to monitor progress, determine status of plans and schedules, confirm requirements and their system allocation.
Therefore the main objectives of Management Reviews can be categorized as follows:
  • Validate from a management perspective that the project is making progress according to the project plan.
  • Ensure that deliverables are ready for management approvals.
  • Resolve issues that require management’s attention.
  • Identify any project bottlenecks.
  • Keeping project in Control.
Support decisions made during such reviews include Corrective actions, Changes in the allocation of resources or changes to the scope of the project
In management reviews the following Software products are reviewed:

  • Audit Reports

  • Contingency plans

  • Installation plans

  • Risk management plans

  • Software Q/A
The participants of the review play the roles of Decision-Maker, Review Leader, Recorder, Management Staff, and Technical Staff.

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