August 15, 2010

Political Blog: The Political View

Statue of Brigham Young overlooking campus
A political blog is a common type of blog that comments on politics. In liberal democracies the right to criticize the government without interference is considered an important element of free speech. In other jurisdictions bloggers use the uncensored nature of the internet to bypass state controlled news media but as a result may find themselves persecuted.

Political blogs are considered to have a stated political bias. Although professional journalists covering mainstream media news are often pursuing objectivity, political bloggers openly peddle their personal opinions. But according to a book published by Oxford University Press, research by Brigham Young University political scientist Professor Richard Davis found that most people who closely follow both political blogs and traditional news media tend to believe the content on blogs is more accurate. The study also found that blog readers still get most of their news from regular news sources, but they suspect habitual bias. Data from this study is supported by the propaganda model. Stating political bias at the outset is therefore seen as being more honest.

Political blogs have many positive and negative ramifications. Whereas some political blogs offer new insight and accurate reporting, others openly commit libel and slander. Overall, political blogs encourage readers to evaluate their mediums. Above all, political blogs have unquestionably shaped the political arena including the voters and the political leaders.

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