August 17, 2010

Product Feed

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A Product Feed is a file containing information about the products listed on your site. Product feeds are used by e-commerce companies to provide information about products in an online store to search engines, product comparison websites, and other similar aggregators of e-commerce information. By sending product feeds regularly you can make sure these sites display the latest pricing, promotional, or other information for your products.

Feed formats

  • Google base supports tab-delimited text format and various XML formats including RSS1.0, RSS2.0, and Atom feed format.

  • Other product listing sites use proprietary formats that are either plain text or XML format.

  • Emerging RDF format: Semantic web standards such as RDF are taking root. It is expected product feed will soon adopt this new web standard.
 Submitting a data feed

  • Many shopping comparison sites accept product data feeds.

  • Some examples of these companies: Yahoo! Shopping, NexTag,, Shopzilla, Google Base

  • Submitting pages to the shopping engines is done through a data feed.

  • A feed is a structured, automated text file with detailed specifications dictated by each shopping comparison engine.

  • Once a feed is submitted to a shopping engine, pages are guaranteed to appear within the site's index of Web pages, but they are not guaranteed a specific ranking within the search results.

  • Rankings are based on the specific engine's algorithm for judging the relevance of a given product to a given keyword search.

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