August 17, 2010

RDF feed

Great Horned Owl
RDF feed refers to data feed in RDF (and maybe a little bit of OWL) format. RDF is an emerging semantic web standard language ideal for describing real world objects, and the resulted RDF data resources can be consumed by computers (i.e. machine-readable). Theoretically, every web site can create RDF resources for all the information on the web site and make them available as RDF feeds. Any other web sites, if interested, can then acquire the data from the RDF feeds and integrate them with other data obtained in the same fashion. This so-called "web of data" or semantic web will open doors to a great number of new services that are not possible today. Of course, this sounds just like a dream. But, lots of people are working hard to make it a reality. W3C is leading the way followed by a large number of volunteers. For example, just launched a free online data feed service for anyone to create RDF feeds and RDF data resources.

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