August 26, 2010

Record Failures

In exploratory testing, we do the testing without having any documented test cases. If a bug has been found, it is very difficult for us to test it after fix. This is because there are no documented steps to navigate to that particular scenario. Hence we need to keep track of the flow required to reach where a bug has been found. So while testing, it is important that at least the bugs that have been discovered are documented. Hence by recording failures we are able to keep track of work that has been done. This would also help even if the tester who was actually doing ET is not available. Since the document can be referred and list all the bugs that have been reported as well the flows for the same can be identified.

Example: for example consider the online shopping site. A bug has been found while trying to add the items of given category into the cart. If the tester can just document the flow as well as the error that has occurred, it would help the tester himself or any other tester. It can be referred while testing the application after a fix.

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