August 24, 2010

SEO Strategy- Commenting on other Blogs and Journals.

This is a widely
used method to get linkbacks to your blogs. It even helps in gaining good page
rank in Google.
One can do this
by getting involved in the discussion goin on the forums and provide thier own
knowledge and views on the scenario. Even a one comment a day can do magic. The
more importamnt thing that you should always try to look for the blogs and
forums that contains articles on your niche and your area of expertise.

  • The blogger
    will also notice you and even the people who are thier will notice you if you
    post a good comment.

  • You will get

  • They would also
    be considered natural links as they are included in content and comment. That
    makes the search engines put more emphasis on the importance of the links
    value in your SEO and SEP.

  • Many a times
    you can even extend the level of information that is available on the blog.

A brief
synopsis from my Previous Post
I have few things
which i would like to ask, its been more than a 3 years in the blogging and
developed more than 20 blogs and sometimes I receive a huge no of spam comments
that eats up a lot of time to delete them. The number of comments I am referring
to is approx ten thousand to 30 thousands comments per week.
Another point is
while commenting on other blogs, at some blogs we are required to register and
then only we can comment, in this way registering at many blogs. we are leaving
out our email, name , site (personal info) and few months later we don’t even
remember that we have visited this blog and commented here. We don’t know how
that blog is going to use or misuse that info or compiling all this stuff.
As per my
experience I would say that one could use Captcha and a temporary email for all
such things and use it to communicate with the world.
In one of the
above comments i have found someone reffering to Google Analytics, no doubt its
a one of the best analytics program in the market. However for someone who is
just starting up and doesn’t know how to use such a complex system, for there
use I would recommend - Sitemeter and Statcounter. They are free and are easy to
use. One can even use Quantserve.
As a part of
promotion I would also prefer creating your about us page on About Us site (New
York Times
Online Venture) and complete your site’s info on Alexa Page.

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