August 20, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Analytics

Twitter Meta Moo! too far?

  • Tweetiatoralerts you in real time when people share links to your content on Twitter and lets you follow and message them

  • Tweettronics - Provides extensive brand, product, and topic tracking over time, and tools to examine and identify influential Twitter users.

  • Twitter Stats - Statistics for Twitter by entered search keywords. Provides number of tweets for chosen keyword in latest 24 hours. Enter keyword and find out how much buzz is around it.

  • Twitter Digest - Web2express Digest is a free website providing a quick view of hot topics and top twitter users in real time. It applies semantic and NLP tools (like open calais and openNLP) to analyze tweets continuously received from Twitter Streaming API. On the Twitter Digest web site, visitors can clearly see what are being talked about on Twitter at the moment. For each daily hot topic, view the top contributing twitter users. For each twitter user, see a list of current topics. If you like what the user is saying, add the user to your following list.

  • The Archivist: Save and Export Twitter Searches Before They Go Away - If you have used Twitter search before, you may notice that you can only go back a certain amount of time and/or number of tweets for a given search. The Archivist is a Windows application that runs on your local system and allows you to archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis for a given search.

  • Twittas? How long do you tweet? - Find out how long are you on twitter and if you are there longer than famous celebrities

  • Twittas? First Follow - See who where the users you first followed

  • Twittas? Time Wasted - See the time you wasted tweeting

  • Twittas? Twitter Buddies - See with who you tweet more

  • Twittas? 1 million followers - Predict the date you will reach 1 million followers

  • TwitterAnalyzer - is one of the most extensive Twitter applications ever... basically, its a tool for Twitter users to analyze themselves or their friends, but Twitter Analyzer takes the statistics data to a much higher level... (it is called by some Twitter users the "Google Analytics for Twitter users") and rightly so, TwitterAnalyzer features more then 50 statistics measures displayed in 3D graphs and World Maps enabling surgical precision tuning of your twitter stream... you would discover many things about your or your friends Twitter presence... you can even share your statistics with your friends.

  • - is a top 20 list of everything on twitter including stats, users, and trends.

  • WhenDidYouJoinTwitter - enter a username and it will tell you when that account was created - can't be much simpler.

  • ObjectiveMarketer - is one of the first, enterprise grade end-to-end campaign management, analytics and community engagement solution. It has all the basic features of any content authoring and publishing tool like Posting, URL Shortening, tracking, scheduling, multi account management. PLUS it is the only available application that provides Camapign Management across Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. It has advanced patent pending technology to measure and map the audience sentiment that lets marketers optimize their message. Analytics based on geographic location, and other demographic data, along with ability to set and monitor several keywords and competition matrix and Buzz Factor - ObjectiveMarketer is the one-stop solution for marketers. It brings strategy on social channels.

  • TweetBuzzer lets you track the brand buzz on Twitter. You can see the top tweeted brands in a 24 hour, 7-day, or 30-day period. You can also track your favorite brand, see the percentage change over time in tweets and impressions, and submit a brand to be tracked.

  • Klout - Discover how influential you are on Twitter. See who influences your friends and measure the impact of your content.

  • Who Has More Followers - Enter 2 twitter usernames and compare how many followers they have.

  • is an eco-social experiment. The idea is to get Twitter users to Tweet about their environmentally friendly activities and to encourage their Twitter followers to do the same. (We call these good hearted folks eco-Tweeters) At we’re hoping that eco-Tweeters will use hashtags listed in our Hashtags section to tag the specific Green Act they are Tweeting about. By doing this can collect and publish data on Green Acts being performed by eco-Tweeters.

  • When did my friends join twitter - Find out when your friends joined twitter.

  • - Tracks interesting statistics about Twitter users, including average tweets per day, social participation ratio and most commonly tweeted keywords.

  • - Twitter RSS Links allows you to generate a (RSS|ATOM|JSON|XML) feed from your friend's tweets that contains HTTP links.

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