August 25, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Business / Advertising / Marketing

Business / Advertising / Marketing

  • Twitter Ads - Advertise on twitter. Cause marketing  based Twitter ad network. Keep the money or donate all or a percentage of your earnings to your favorite charity or cause. Buy and Sell ads on twitter! (follow us @adcause on twitter). We have the best Twitter Ad value on the net!

  • BeTweeted - This is a simple and "socially responsible" pay-per-click model that allows twitterers to monetize without jeopradizing their reputation by subjecting their account to automatic spam links.  All ads are manually triggered by the twitter user.

  • Cyclan - Puts together a list of all the various people interested in today's popular technologies. You can see who posts most about things like PHP, MySql, Javascript, Photoshop and many more.

  • - Allow your most devoted followers an automated way to retweet your most important announcements. Great for non profits!

  • - If you're a Twitter user, it's a great way to get more followers and support your favorite 3rd party Twitter apps. If you're a Twitter app developer, it's a simple way to start monetizing your application.

  • Advertise to Win Up To 1 Million Twitter Followers - From the creator of TwitterMass comes Million Dollar Follow, home of the famous $1 ad spot. List your Twitter profile on Million Dollar Follow for just $1 and receive the chance to become a featured advertiser and be rewarded with up to 1 million Twitter followers.

  • Magpie - Convert your tweets into bling-bling by allowing Magpie to post tweets in your timeline or build conversation around your brand by having carefully selected key-influencers spread the word just for you. (click to watch funny video!)

  • PubliciTweet - Twitter marketing and analytics. Create campaigns and send them to your timeline or followers. Manage groups of followers. View which followers referred the most people to your campaign. Graphs, maps and more!

  • Taweet - Taweet (beta) is a free Twitter application that allows people and businesses to streamline promotional scheduling for events, product launches, lifecasting and more! Unlike Twitter scheduling applications you may have seen before, Taweet is focused on promoting the topics of your Future Tweets (FT) up until they occur to create buzz or to share with friends.

  • TwAitter - Twitter for busy people. TwAitter is a comprehensive FREE Twitter marketing and business tool suite. Schedule tweets to send at anytime (recurring included). Manage your scheduled messages with an Outlook style Twitter Calendar. Features: Full Client, schedule, recurring, calendar, translation into over 40 languages, spell check , URL shortener, multi-user mgmnt...& more! (

  • - Twitchance is a free Twitter lottery. People post a sponsor's message on Twitter to become eligable for a cash price (viral marketing).

  • Twittad - Twittad helps advertisers build their affinity networks on Twitter by using our technology that hits ALL of Twitter; The Website (, 3rd party apps (TweetDeck, Twhirl) & Mobile apps like (Tweetie & TwitterBerry) 

  • twitRobot - Blast your product link to twitter and drive huge traffic to your site. An arsenal of Twitter Marketing tools which are mainly intended for corporate users. Here you can come across a list of applications letting you automate some aspects of the process, scheduling future tweets and posting recurring updates for corporate purposes. Moreover, it is possible to add RSS feeds to any Twitter account.(

  • - Provides 100% custom designed backgrounds for business, company, and artist accounts. Leverage the power of Twitter and build credibility, followers, and add more content with a custom layout. Your background or lack of can say alot about your company and can really dampen your marketing efforts. Our graphic artists are rated #1 in the Twitter design industry.

  • - an advertising network for twitter - where advertisers can reach millions of twitter users and twitterers can earn money for tweeting. Twivert offers CPC advertising.

  • twizzness - Twizzness was designed to be a web based twitter interface for business users. Currently it is able to manage multiple twitter accounts and RSS feeds, allowing marketers or public relations departments to easily manage multiple clients or departments.

  • twtBizCard - Say goodbye to Business Cards as you know it. Create and exchange business cards via Twitter. (by @twtapps)

  • twtBiz - TwtBiz is business directory for Twitter. You can find businesses, entrepreneurs, investors! See the company's team Twitter feed. (by @twtapps)

  • DynamicTweets - schedule and deliver tweets across multiple Twitter accounts.  Great for businesses and PR firms who manage multiple Twitter accounts and want to create marketing campaigns and promotional offers.  The program is Free and has many advanced tools such as spell check, spinnable text, short url's and much more.

  • BlueTweet - Schedule tweets about sales, monitor tweets about your brand, get Twitter analytics, drive more sales.

  • Twibbon - Allow Twitter users to demonstrate their support for your promotion, cause or campaign by wearing your logo over their profile image. The easiest way to promote your cause on Twitter.

  • - An online utility to market your twitter profile and build your network, suitable for businesses and individuals.

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