August 22, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Follow Management Apps

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Follow Management Apps
  • GeoFollow: Twitter Directory - Geo (location based) Twitter user directory
    & follow management tool. (Add youself on twitter by sending @geofollow
    YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE YOUR ZIP #tag1 #tag2 #tag3. EG: @geofollow Walnut Creek, CA 94596 #directory #twitter #users. 
    here to list yourself on our Twitter Directory.

  • Are You Following Me Too?
    - A simple web based application to get a list of people who you are following
    who are not following you.

  • Twitowl - Get on the beta list now! The
    Ultimate set of Twitter Tools. Schedule tweets, Track keywords on
    Twitter, Save and reuse drafts, Send welcome Direct Messages, Shorten urls and
    get click stats, Follow those who follow you, Unfollow those who unfollow
    you, View @Mentions & Retweets, for an unlimited set of Twitter accounts. Many
    new features on the way! 
    here to get no
    TwitOwl launches.

  • REACH Social Contact
    - Manage your social media followers from a variety of social networks -
    including Twitter! Get the latest news and social media feeds for each of your
    contacts, tweet directly from the CM, or share your following with your

  • GoTwitr- GoTwitr combines all the best features from automation
    apps into one simple yet powerful site.
      GoTwitr offers a whole new
    concept in building a smart Twitter community.  When you give this great
    service to your followers, they will promote you to their followers.  Their
    followers will also promote you too, at every generation, making a
    smart viral growth of REAL users. Never blindly
    follow or purge again! Gotwitr lets you preview users before you take any
    action. Local, mimic, and keyword follows are easy to use and powerful too. 
    Define your community into groups, and bulk message with personalized
    messages.  Other automation features too numerous to mention here.

  • FlashTweet -

    FlashTweet is a mass follow tool that simplifies the process of adding your
    twitter friends. You can add multiple Twitter accounts to
    your profile, discover who you are following that is following you back,
    mass follow users based on search terms, unfollow multiple
    friends at once, schedule tweets in advance to run throughout the week, insert
    RSS feeds that will automatically tweet the title and link of your blog or
    another site.

  • Twitter: your
    lost replies!
    - Sends you by email replies to your tweets and/or mentions
    made by Twitters you don't follow (that you would usually lose from the
    Twitter home).

  • twitRobot - First & Only tool which Bulk
    Follows 300 targeted Users
    at a time. Search, Filter & follow friends from other twitter user accounts.
    And tons of other features like Auto posting, RSS posting, future tweets,
    fliped tweets etc..

  • #twtFollow - twtFollow is a free
    service to help you increase your
    on twitter exponentially without having to follow 10,000 people - in fact you
    only need to follow 10 people! With
    by just following 10 people and promoting your referral url
    you can gain as many as 38,485 new followers over 30-90 days!

  • #TwtFollow also has built in stat tracking to see how many people have
    joined under you. We will also be adding Premium features and services if
    anyone  in your downline upgrades you earn cash. 

  • Tweetsourcer - Marketing &
    sourcing tool for Twitter
    - With Tweetsourcer you have the #1 marketing
    tool for Twitter, which automatically reaches the right crowd
    on Twitter for you.

  • Refollow
    - A web based Twitter relationship manager. Filter by
    relationships, batch follow/unfollow, lock status with favorites,
    remember/filter previously followed, and explore/follow other's followers and
    following. From

    Originate Labs

  • TweepTracker - Find out
    who you follow that
    follow you back
    , and who's following you that you might have missed.
    Uses OAuth so you don't have to give up your username and password. Can
    follow/unfollow/block people now.

  • SBCVoices Mass Follow
     - A tool to follow everyone followed by @SBCVoices

  • UnTwollow - A tool to
    unfollow up to
    2000 people.
    Created for people that used to follow back everyone but now only want to
    follow a handful.

  • Twitoaster - Threads all your twitter conversations like on a message
    board / forum. To use it and get your tweets toasted, simply follow

  • TwitterMass - A Twitter
    networking tool on cruise
    control. This application grows your Twitter network based on a keyword
    universe that you provide.

  • Tweepular - The Ultimate Follower Management Tool. Find out whos following
    you and whos not and quickly cleanse your Twitter account of users that have not updated or are not valuable to you.
  • - Who to follow on twitter. The latest and greatest from
    Twitter people on popular topics. We update the latest thinking from topic
    experts every 3-5 minutes.

  • iFollowBack - Fast Twitter Networking: It is a way to identify, get
    followed and follow back your friends on Twitter. You sign up and agree to
    follow back other users. Other users sign up, and agree to follow you.

  • TweepleRank - Ranks the top recommended people on twitter. It does so by
    monitoring the tags #followfriday, #mrtweet and #tweepletuesday. The site also
    allows you to search, filter by tag, or even personalize the results to find
    new and interesting people to follow.

  • TwitR User Directory where you can track people by tags, and also you can
    track their followers on a handy graph.
  • Twibes - Hand picked friend recommendations
  • tweetListings - Real-time Twitter job listings.
  • Tweeter Tags - Get the most out of Twitter by finding the right people to
    share the conversation: Tweeter Tags makes it easy to declare your interests
    and find new, like-minded friends. Have a question you need answering? Find
    relevant people on Twitter to ask.

  • Twitter2FF - Sync your Twitter and FriendFeed contacts! From @twit2apps!
  • - Auto-follow new followers and send auto-welcome messages.
  • Mr. Tweet - By looking through your network and tweets, Mr. Tweet will
    regularly suggest good people you are missing out on, recommend you to
    enthusiastic users relevant to you, and regularly update useful stats of your
    Twitter usage

  • New Follow Notify - Get to know your new followers better
  • DoesFollow - will quickly tell you if one person follows
    another on Twitter. saves you from paging for the answer.
  • Friend Or Follow - Friend Or Follow helps you manage your Twitter
    contacts. Submit your Twitter screen name to find out who you're following
    that's not following you back, and who's following you that you're not
    following back.

  • Twitoria - How many twitter friends are you really following? Twitoria
    reveals friends that haven't tweeted in a while without having to enter login

  • Qwitter - catch twitter quitters
  • Twalala - twalala gives you the ability to mute the people you follow and
    mute tweets that contain specific keywords.
  • MyCleenr - MyCleenr is a unique way to sort your friends by their last
    tweets. It allows you to get rid of all the inactive and useless accounts that
    you are following!

  • Twitter Karma - Pulls your Twitter contact information and presents a
    simple interface for following, unfollowing or blocking people, with several
    useful sorting options.

  • Twitterless - Twitterless will notify you when somebody stops following
    you and tell you who it is and your follower history is graphed out over time.
  • Twitblocker - temporarily hide excessively chattery friends without having
    to surrender your password to a 3rd party, with this greasemonkey script.
  • Retweetrank - Ranks each user depending on number of times they have been
    retweeted. Also, presents a list of top 50 twitter users who have been most
    retweeted recently.

  • TweepTracker - Find out who you follow that don't follow you back, and
    who's following you that you might have missed. Uses OAuth so you don't have
    to give up your username and password. Can follow/unfollow/block people now.

  • UnTweeps - Lists Tweeps you are following who have not updated in 30, 60,
    or 90 days. Unfollow them with one click. Now using Oauth! Keeps your password

  • Tweet-Rank - Check the quality of your Tweets. Just enter username and
    tweet-rank will show you with which tweet you won or lost followers.
  • TweepDiff - Compares the friends or followers of any two Twitter users to
    see where they differ and overlap.
  • Follow Cost - Provides stats on how frequently a Twitterer makes updates.
    Includes stats on @ frequency and political tweet frequency.
  • WhoFollowsWhom - helps quickly find common followers of several Twitter
    users as well as who they are following in common.
  • FavTwits - See who you talk to most, and who talks to you, using
  • twitTangle - untangle the mess of having too many friends on twitter. We
    allow you to rate and tag your friends and then filter your timeline to help
    you easily find the tweets that are most important to you!

  • TwtrFrnd - Find out who two Twitterers follow in common, plus who
    Twitterer 1 is following that also follows Twitterer 2.
  • TweetSum - Follow or ignore your recent followers with a simple drag and
    drop interface.
    TwtUpon -- A user-orientated community which let's you find Twitter users
  • based on interests and feedback, like StumbleUpon but limited to the Twitter
    community. -- by 

  • Topify: Smarter Twitter email follower notifications. Know exactly who is
    the personn following you. 1 click follow back, by just replying to the email.
    Answer to Direct messages directly from your inbox

  • Mutuality: Tool for mass unfollow unmutual followings.

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