August 22, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Search Applications

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Search Engines

  • GeoFollow: Search For Twitter Followers -
    Geo (location based) twitter user search. (Add youself to the directory by
    sending @geofollow YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE YOUR ZIP #tag1 #tag2 #tag3. EG: @geofollow
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596 #directory #geek #people

  • - Let Me Search Twitter For
    You. A fun app that guides users towards searching twitter for realtime

  • shows Google and
    Twitter results side by side in a very clean and super fast interface.
    THERE ARE NO ADVERTISEMENTS WHATSOEVER. Also a browser plugin can be
    downloaded so you can search from the top right of your browser.

  • BrandSentiment.PeopleBrowsr - A
    sentiment tool that allows to track your brand's buzz, customers and
    competitors. BrandSentiment classifies Tweets as positive or negative. Export
    ready-to-print brand sentiment reports.

  • HotList.PeopleBrowsr - HotList
    builds a live stream of Twitter posts for an industry, a group or an @name and
    analyzes the sentiment of each post and rates it as positive or negative.
    Monitor what are Twitter users saying about hot celebrities, TV Shows, travel
    destinations, airlines, Twitter Apps and much more. Interact with the stream
    by sending your tweets. See live trending and look at detailed profiles. As a
    business you can access to your Brand deep sentiment data, getting to know
    your customers feedback and seeing your sentiment evolution over time. Learn
    also about your competitors and what people are loving or hating about other
    brands in your field.

  • My.PeopleBrowsr - My.PeopleBrowsr is
    a real-time search engine and data mine for you to look into the pulse of
    digital conversations and engage across multiple social networks
    simultaneously. With filtering, you can bubble up "memes and themes" that are
    important to you across any "Web 2.0" service. Manage multiple accounts and
    post to multiple networks at the same time. Choose your dashboard mode: Lite,
    Advanced or Business. My.PeopleBrowsr is web based, no download needed.

  • News.PeopleBrowsr - Monitor
    trending topics over a time interval. Create and apply your own filter or
    select a keyword. Publish your news Tweets and share them within your network:
    become a news editor!

  • Sbot - Search twitter right from your IM. Add
    sbot as your buddy & send tsearch term & bot responds you with results.
    Ex: t @hnprashanth will return tweets containing @hnprashanth. Supported on
    gtalk, Yahoo! messenger & Windows Live Messenger.

  • Search.PeopleBrowsr - Simple live
    search on multiple social networks. Search.PeopleBrowsr sorts tweets by
    authority, location and link to find out in a glance what the influencers are
    saying about subjects that are important to you or your brand. Bubble up
    "memes and themes" you are interested in. The live trending feature helps
    monitoring all the most popular keywords by time intervals and keeps you up to
    date with the latest hot topics.

  • Utwitbook - Utwitbook is a place to
    find top twitter people who share your interests, location, url and even
    design colors.

  • Feald - Feald is a search engine and Twitter
    media center with many useful twitter tools to increase your twitter followers
    amount, Feald takes your twittering to the next level. Search twitter with
    video suggestion tool, great tools list and much more.

  • Tweetmondo - Search
    for local Twitter users. Find people in your country, city or even street in
    this fun new app.

  • Twoquick - Super-simple search of Google and
    Twitter displayed side-by-side. Look up stuff on Google and see what people
    are saying about it on Twitter.

  • Twazzup - Twazzup
    organizes search results so you can quickly turn the buzz on twitter into
    useful information. Search results include related keywords and hashtags,
    trendmakers along with popular tweets, twittpics and links.

  • Twifish - Extends twitter search
    and also searches for synonym words and phrases in twitter.

  • Twimme NEW – Find out what giveaways,
    contests, coupons, discounts, freebies and more are being tweeted right now by
    twitter users.

  • Advanced User Search -
    Search from name, location, and biodata with given keywords. Google powered.

  • Tweeple Pages – A user powered directory
    of Twitter users organized by their interests.

  • TwitMesh - Create groups, send invitations
    to your followers. Twitter IM to chat with your friends via Twitter. Streaming
    search fom twitter and more.

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