August 22, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Trends

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  • BrandSentiment.PeopleBrowsr - A sentiment tool that allows to track your brand's buzz, customers and competitors. BrandSentiment classifies Tweets as positive or negative. Export ready-to-print brand sentiment reports.

  • HotList.PeopleBrowsrHotList builds a live stream of Twitter posts for an industry, a group or an @name and analyzes the sentiment of each post and rates it as positive or negative. Monitor what are Twitter users saying about hot celebrities, TV Shows, travel destinations, airlines, Twitter Apps and much more. Interact with the stream by sending your tweets. See live trending and look at detailed profiles. As a business you can access to your Brand deep sentiment data, getting to know your customers feedback and seeing your sentiment evolution over time. Learn also about your competitors and what people are loving or hating about other brands in your field.

  • News.PeopleBrowsrMonitor trending topics over a time interval. Create and apply your own filter or select a keyword. Publish your news Tweets and share them within your network: become a news editor!

  • Search.PeopleBrowsrSimple live search on multiple social networks. Search.PeopleBrowsr sorts tweets by authority, location and link to find out in a glance what the influencers are saying about subjects that are important to you or your brand. Bubble up "memes and themes" you are interested in. The live trending feature helps monitoring all the most popular keywords by time intervals and keeps you up to date with the latest hot topics. 

  • That's So Swag! - World's first real-time Fashion Search Engine. That's So Swag keeps you up to date on what people are buzzing about in the world of Fashion. Find popular products and topics with just one click.

  • TwiBuzz - Twibuzz is a tool similar to Google Trends that let's you see how often people are using Twitter to tweet your favorite keywords in real time.

  • Twibez Real-time tweets on Google maps. Twibez can be useful for everyone who is interested to see where in the world twitter users are discussing top trends in real-time. Basically, Twibez is a fun tool to get a geographical impression of what the world is talking about right now!

  • Tweetfeel - TweetFeel gathers real-time tweets about whatever search term the user has entered, and then evaluates those tweets for positive and negative feelings.

  • Twindz - Discover the most discussed topics on Twitter for any 24 hours period.

  • Twist - See trend graphs for twitter topics and spot new hot topics. Graphs for last week and last 30 days.

  • retweetradar - Finding trends in the mountains of information 'retweet'ed on Twitter.

  • Tweetag - Display the 40 most talked topics in the last 24h in general, or the most discussed topics related to a given topic.

  • Twuoted - A site that shows all tweets with the #quote hashtag. Great for finding new & interesting quotes. Follow @twuoter for updates & new features.

  • VlaagBlocks - Vlaag Blocks is a real-time aggregator of twitter tags. Collected tags are processed and presented as trending "news blocks." Nature of news content is guided by Twitter community. There is a room for everything - surprisingly valuable news to shocking upsets. Vlaag welcomes everything as it is meant to be Fastest People′s News with a Tweest.

  • - Localized trends.

  • emotionstream - finds trends about what is making people happy, laugh or sad in real time. Follow @emotionstream for updates.

  • downrightnow - Monitors trending Twitter discussions of service disruptions at popular web services and automatically posts updates about outages.  Follow @downrightnow for notifications of widespread service issues.

  • FriendingTopics - trending topics among your network.

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