August 25, 2010

Twitter Applications (Web)- Visual Apps

visual farm installation by andre & Li...
Image by Retinafunk via Flickr
Visual Apps
  • Twitizer - An exciting new service that enables you to send long texts, photos (or other pictures; optionally geotagged), video clips and/or audio clips (or podcasts) from your mobile phone and get them published on Twitter.
  • Tori's Eye - Origami birds carry tweets while the sun rises on the paper crafted scenery. Tori's eye is a Twitter visualization tool, inspired by papercraft and origami. It's a visual and technical experiment implemented using only standard XHTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • TweetChat - A short-term, hyperfocus for tracking a #hashtag in real-time. Great for tweet-ups, conferences, training sessions and Twitter parties. Ability to feature friends and block spammers in a single stream.
  • wpTweety - A Twitterwall for WordPress Tweets. Please use #wordpress as Twitter Hashtag.
  • - A cloud-based Twitter search engine that provides you with a list of commonly used keywords and phrases for another phrase, in cloud form.
  • Tweet Cloud - This Tweet Cloud shows you the major words found in the most recent tweets of all users or those of a specific user. This changes by the minute! Experiment with the composition of tweets to reveal interesting trends, connections, attitudes, relationships. For example searching on lunch often shows what people are planning to eat.
  • Twonvo.Com - View your Tiwtter Conversations as a thread - making it easy to follow a conversation and not have to search for each @reply individually.
  • - Creates a mug with the profile pics of the people you follow on it.
  • - Display your current twitter status as an image on forums, blogs, and other web services..
  • - Creates a dynamic image from your most recent tweets for use in signatures on forums, in emails, as well as direct linking
  • TwitterSplitter - Every time you post a link on Twitter, TwitterSplitter shows a number of other items in a menu across the top, including links to your own blog or website, your Twitter Grade, your name, etc.
  • Tweetag - Browse the twittosphere with nested tagclouds. You can visualize what are the most talked topics related to your search.
  • Emoji-fu - Display your Twitter status feed with full Apple iPhone's emoji support. Add the Emoji-fu Browser Button for on-demand emoji translation. No more boxy 2-byte characters!
  • Twitree - Your followers in a Tree! Expand the tree as much as you want!
  • - Twitter themes with automatic install. Choose a theme, enter username and password and VOILA !
  • fav.tweets - get a list of all the tweets your friends starred (favorites), or you can simply get a list of favorites for a list of users you specify.
  • Portwiture - Finds and displays Flickr photos based on common words in your most recent tweets, resulting in a fun and serendipitous visual representation of your Twitter status.
  • Twitterfall - View a 'waterfall' of tweets of the current trends on Twitter in near-realtime with a really simple interface. Unlike other sites, Twitterfall does all the searching, causing no additional stress to Twitter regardless of the number of people on Twitterfall.
  • long.tud3 See your friends messages positioned on google maps. Custom markers based on the users avatar, live updating and more...
  • Geo Twitter (#ll) - For the first time on twitter real time exact Geo location positioning.
  • GeoTweeter - View live Geotweets from around the world. GeoTweeter iPhone app lets users show followers their exact location with a configurable map icon, optional photo and star rating.
  • Thwoa - A completely useless, yet captivating Twitter/Jaiku visualization tool.
  • Lexigraphs - Using salient words from an individual’s tweets, topical and temporal patterns are visualized to create a portrait of the author.
  • spy - Visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more. spy can listen in on the social media conversations you're interested in. What do you want to listen for? Great for watching Twiter on a big screen.
  • TweepleCard - Creates a business like Tweeple Card (pdf document) you may print and distribute 2 your friends. It´s funny....
  • Twitnest - Visualizes twitter's social graph as a graph. See who's following who. Auto-group, automated groupping of users in social graph.
  • TweetStats - Visualize your Twitter history, showing how often you tweet per month, per day of the week, who you reply to the most, and what applications you use. Retrieves your Twitter timeline as far as Twitter allows. Also shows a TweetCloud and how many twooshes you've had.
  • twittermap is a Google Maps mashup for Germany which lets you search something on a map, displays all your followers on a map or shows you People in a proximity of a city. It also displays other Regions if you wish on other TLD's like .tv (Worlwide), .us,, .eu, .es, .fr
  • Tweetsmap is a german Twitter Map that is not based on GeoIP but direct inputs. Every user that wants to appear at the map has to insert his position manually, so the position at the map is as exact as possible. Find Twitters near you today! Soon multilangual!
  • Twittersphere Visualizer is a visual representation of the Twittersphere. The flash application periodically requests the latest tweets from Twitter and then animates them in the sky.
  • The Suite Spot takes live data feeds from Twitter, Flickr, blogs and SMS messages then 'repurposes' all of this into an exploratory scene which grows and reacts to the constant stream of incoming content. People can then view this content on either: the SUITE SPOT website, a digital display or a gestural interface

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