August 22, 2010

Twitter Search Engines

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Twitter Search Engines

  • shows
    Google and Twitter results side by side in a very clean and super fast

  • Utwitbook Utwitbook is a place to find
    top twitter people who share your interests, location, url and even design

  • Advanced User Search
    New!- Search from
    name, location, and biodata with given keywords. Google powered.

  • Twicsy
    - Twitter picture search engine that indexes tweets, shows most popular
    pictures of the past hour, day, week, and shows related pics.

  • Tweeple411 ~ World's
    first Tweeple driven Directory. Find people with similar interests to follow
    or add your Twitter or FriendFeed page. Power to the Tweeple!

  • TweetFeel - Twitter
    Search with Feelings.

  • GeoFollow: Search For Twitter Followers
     - Geo (location based) twitter
    user search. (Add youself to the directory by sending @geofollow YOUR CITY,
    YOUR STATE YOUR ZIP #tag1 #tag2 #tag3. EG: @geofollow Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    #directory #geek #people

  • Twoquick
     - Super-simple search of Google and Twitter displayed
    side-by-side. Look up stuff on Google and see what people are saying about it
    on Twitter.

  • is a Googlemaps mashup
    which lets you search something on a map or shows you People in a proximity of
    a city. It also displays other Regions if you wish on other TLD's like
    .tv (Worlwide),
    .eu, .es,

  • Tweetsmap is a User-input Based Google
    Mashup which allows you to search Twitter Users near you or finding the Users
    adress by typing the Username

  • Twazzup - Twazzup
    organizes search results so you can quickly turn the buzz on twitter into
    useful information. Search results include related keywords and hashtags,
    trendmakers along with popular tweets, twittpics and links.

  • Twifish - Extends twitter search
    and also searches for synonym words and phrases in twitter.

  • Twimme
     NEW – Find out what giveaways, contests, coupons, discounts,
    freebies and more are being tweeted right now by twitter users.

  • tweetzi - Twitter Search & Trends
     - A search service for finding and
    teasing out useful info from the 'Twittersphere'.

  • Tweeple Pages – A user powered
    directory of Twitter users organized by their interests.

  • MicroPlaza
     – Tribal Search, search the hot links shared on twitter and
    discover the trending topics.

  • -
    Only available in German. Create your personalized startpage and combine it
    with lots of other personalized widgets like myspace, facebook and other stuff
    from across the web to your page.

     - A Peer-to-peer Web Search Engine, that integrates Twitter search
    to discover discussions and people related to the query.

  • FreeSearch - Find
    your friends on the web. Simply "follow" freesearch, tweet "@freesearch pete
    cashmore" or any other name, then wait a minute for the results!

  • Green Tweets - Tracks tweets
    about green & environmental topics based on semantic natural language analysis
    rather than keyword

     - Mashup of Twitter Search with Google Search Services to
    display search results as Universal Search results clustered by source type
    (Twitter, Web, News, Blog, Q&A, Encyclopedia, etc.)

  • OneRiot Twitter Search -
    OneRiot's Twitter search results, for any query, reveal the relevant web pages
    that are currently being discussed within the Twitter community.

  • TweetJobSearch - Search jobs
    posted on Twitter

  • - Twitter Directory to
    Find Twitter Accounts and Add Your Twitter for FREE.

  • Tweet on the Street - A
    Twitter-based rumor mill. Search for the latest buzz on technology,
    celebrities, politics, sports, and more.

  • Tweet Scan - Search public
    Twitter posts in real-time from the page or using Firefox's search box. Find
    replies, track keywords, and sign up for daily/weekly email alerts.

  • Searching for Interesting Topics on Twitter
     - Search for comments and
    users that interst you. Great for finding people to connect with your personal

  • Terraminds micro search - Search
    entire public timeline in realtime, fast & responsive! New: Twitter
    search API

  • A People Directory
     - A directory of Twitter users categorized
    into hundreds of fields of interest. Allows user to login and categorize

  • TwiST -- Twitter Search
    Tool, an easy-to-use interface to Twitter Search

  • - Real-time
    Twitter search engine. Search through 1000s of indexed tweets everyday and
    find new friends.

  • Twitterment beta Combines Twitter
    apps with a search engine and graphing tools

  • TwitterJobSearch - The first
    semantic search engine for twitter. Finds all the jobs posted on twitter.

  • TwitterSearch -- Full text searching
    for the recent Twitter zeitgeist, complete with toy dude-heads. A must! Also
    maps posts via Twittermap!

  • Top News Trends - Top News Trends
    combines google trends data with twitter search.

  • Twitter.FM
     -- Simple but multilingual full text search engine for Twitter,
    supports CJK, Arabec, etc. Country specified search is also provided in US.Twitter.FMCA.Twitter.FMUK,CN,JP,ES,TW,...more!

  • Twitterverse - a search and
    visualization project which mines and archives the public timeline of Twitter
    and provides a visualization of the most commonly used words in a given time
    period. Search Twitter by keyword.

  • TwitDir
     - A Twitter directory, no more. You are looking for someone,
    something? Just type a few words in the search engine. Enjoy!

  • Receive Keyword
    Based Email Alerts so you can see who is saying what about you... Also
    has Search, Link Metrics, and Trend Analysis...

  • Summize Twitter Search
     - Realtime twitter search with language restriction
    and threading built right in. Free API included.

  • Twitigg
     - See tweeted links Digg style.

  • Twubble -- Recommends new
    people to follow based upon your existing follows

  • WhoShouldiFollow? -- Recommends
    interesting people to follow based on your network, and supports searching for
    a location and adjusting for popularity.

  • picobuzz
     - Shows popular buzz words from the public timeline and who's
    sayin' them!

  • Intwition
     - Tracks what people are linking to and discussing on Twitter.
    Let's you lookup and find tweets about any site. Provides an RSS feed to track
    tweets about any site as well.

  • Twitter Blacklist - Collects IDs of
    Twitter "spammer" accounts, those that follow thousands of users at random, in
    hopes they'll reciprocate and open themselves up to direct-message access.
    Site offers an API, a Javascript bookmarklet for quick checking wither a given
    Twitter ID is a flagged spammer, and links to related resources such as a
    Greasemonkey script (for Firefox+Greasemonkey) that also auto-checks users
    against the blacklist.

  • twitter search -Twitter Search
    engine find through 1000s of indexed pages kuber

  • FuelFrog - Use Twitter to keep a log of
    your fuel and mileage. Compare your mileage with others in your area, or with
    the same car.

  • TwitFuel - Submit and
    share local gas prices in your city. Find up-to-date prices submitted by your
    fellow tweeples and never pay too much for gas again!

  • - Twitter Email Alerts
     - Like Google alerts, but for
    Twitter! Save keyword searches and link/domain searches and be alerted by
    email when someone on Twitter mentions it! Free service, by @mdjensen

  • Tweetag
     - Browse the twittosphere with nested tagclouds and never miss any
    raising trend related to your favorite topics

  • FutureTweets - a free service that lets
    you schedule your Twitter messages. Send it at a specific time in the future
    or send a reoccuring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly! Handy if you're
    in need of an alibi.

  • Twitturls
     Popular Twitter Links Tweeted err Twittered err Twhatever -
    Links / Pictures / Video - What's hot on Twitter

     – TwiSpot is a Topic-Based Social Exploration Tool based on
    Twitter. Stay updated and explore interesting new topics with theHottest
    Tweets all in one spot.

     - Help people in the Twitter community find answers to things
    they want to know about. Search for topics, then reply direct to
    anyone who you can help. You can set up RSS feeds too to be alerted of future
    Twithelps. If you want help, just include#twithelp in a tweet. (...think of it
    as Yahoo Answers for Twitter.)

  • - Browse the
    current top 10 most popular tweets, re-tweets, friends and followers on
    Twitter right now.

  • TweepSearch
     - Search Twitter bios, currently over 1 million indexed. Also
    provides the ability to search the bios of only those people following you.

  • TweeterLookup – The easiest way to
    lookup mutiple Twitter usernames at once from a list of email addresses,
    without having to input the list into your webmail accounts.

  • Android software tweets - Watch
    realtime tweets about Google Android phone(with database with older tweets)

  • BackTweets
     - Search for links on Twitter (even if they've been shortened)

  • TwitterPray - A real time snapshot
    of what people are praying about on Twitter and what people are requesting for
    prayer.  Trending, history, and request tracking (among other features) are
    slated to be added in the coming weeks.

  • Tweeple of India
     - A searchable directory of twitter users from India

  • tweetactive - Search
    tweets & get real time stream.

  • TweetRSVP - Tweets that include a
    question, request for information or offers [new feature] are pulled and
    available on TweetRSVP in real-time, or through a searchable database or via
    email.  Visitors can reply or RSVP to a tweet directly from the site through or by copy and paste if using a desktop client.

    - TipTop is a semantic search engine that transforms how you can search & view
    data from Twitter.  Visit it to see what it is and what it is not.

  • Twit4 Directory  - A twitter
    directory that helps users find companies that use twitter. Twitter accounts
    are organized by companies, schools, brands, and organizations. Find
    twitter companies easily at

  • Twitter Job Finder - Search
    jobs recently tweeted by job type & location

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