August 24, 2010

Types of Development Systems

The type of development project refers to the environment/methodology in which the software will be developed. Different testing approaches need to be used for different types of projects, just as different development approaches.

3.1 Traditional Development Systems

The Traditional Development System has the following characteristics:
  • The traditional development system uses a system development methodology.
  • The user knows what the customer requires (Requirements are clear from the customer).
  • The development system determines the structure of the application.
What do you do while testing:
  • Testing happens at the end of each phase of development.
  • Testing should concentrate if the requirements match the development.
  • Functional testing is required.

3.2 Iterative Development

During the Iterative Development:
  • The requirements are not clear from the user (customer).
  • The structure of the software is pre-determined.
Testing of Iterative Development projects should concentrate only if the CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools are properly utilized and the functionality is thoroughly tested.

3.3 Maintenance System

The Maintenance System is where the structure of the program undergoes changes. The system is developed and being used, but it demands changes in the functional aspects of the system due to various reasons.
Testing Maintenance Systems requires structural testing. Top priority should be put into Regression Testing.

3.4 Purchased/Contracted Software

At times it may be required that you purchase software to integrate with your product or outsource the development of certain components of your product. This is Purchased or Contracted Software.
When you need to integrate third party software to your existing software, this demands the testing of the purchased software with your requirements. Since the two systems are designed and developed differently, the integration takes the top priority during testing. Also, Regression Testing of the integrated software is a must to cross check if the two software’s are working as per the requirements.

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