August 15, 2010

Weblog software

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Weblog software (also called blog software or blogware) is software designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of weblogs. As specialized content management systems, weblog applications support the authoring, editing, and publishing of blog posts and comments, with special functions for image management, web syndication, and moderation of posts and comments.

Free and open source software
These software packages are offered as free and open source software:

  • Apache Roller (Java-based)

  • b2evolution (PHP/MySQL)

  • BlogEngine.NET (C#/ASP.NET)

  • blosxom (Perl)

  • dasBlog (C#/ASP.NET)

  • Dotclear (PHP)

  • DotNetNuke (VB.NET/ASP.NET)

  • Drupal (PHP)

  • Frog CMS (PHP)

  • Elgg (PHP)

  • Habari (PHP)

  • Jaws (PHP)

  • Joomla (PHP)

  • Livejournal (Perl) (Also available, developer hosted)

  • LifeType (PHP)

  • Movable Type (Perl)

  • PyBlosxom (Python)

  • Serendipity (PHP)

  • Slash (Perl)

  • Subtext (C#/ASP.NET)

  • Textpattern (PHP/MySQL)

  • Typo (Ruby on Rails)

  • WordPress (PHP)

  • Zine (Python)

  • PivotX (PHP)
Proprietary software
These packages are under a proprietary software license. They may require the purchase of a license key to use them. The specific licensing terms vary but some are free of charge for personal or non-commercial use.
Developer-hosted platforms
Software services operated by the developer, requiring no software installation for the weblog author:

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