August 26, 2010

What is WBT?

White box testing involves looking at the structure of the code. When you know the internal structure of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that the internal operations performed according to the specification. And all internal components have been adequately exercised. In other word WBT tends to involve the coverage of the specification in the code.
Code coverage is defined in six types as listed below.
  • Segment coverage – Each segment of code b/w control structure is executed at least once.
  • Branch Coverage or Node Testing – Each branch in the code is taken in each possible direction at least once.
  • Compound Condition Coverage – When there are multiple conditions, you must test not only each direction but also each possible combinations of conditions, which is usually done by using a ‘Truth Table’
  • Basis Path Testing – Each independent path through the code is taken in a pre-determined order. This point will further be discussed in other section.
  • Data Flow Testing (DFT) – In this approach you track the specific variables through each possible calculation, thus defining the set of intermediate paths through the code i.e., those based on each piece of code chosen to be tracked. Even though the paths are considered independent, dependencies across multiple paths are not really tested for by this approach. DFT tends to reflect dependencies but it is mainly through sequences of data manipulation. This approach tends to uncover bugs like variables used but not initialize, or declared but not used, and so on.
  • Path Testing – Path testing is where all possible paths through the code are defined and covered. This testing is extremely laborious and time consuming.
  • Loop Testing – In addition top above measures, there are testing strategies based on loop testing. These strategies relate to testing single loops, concatenated loops, and nested loops. Loops are fairly simple to test unless dependencies exist among the loop or b/w a loop and the code it contains.

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