August 13, 2010

Words that can Harm you on Internet

Poison words, or forbidden words, is the name given to words or phrases that trigger suspicion, mistrust and loss of respect, or are of inappropriate character for a given web site in its consideration for a search engine.

There is no definite list of poison words which all natural language processing tools incorporate.

This is different from harmless but useless words that are called Stop words.

Adult (obscene) words can put a web page in an adult category where it is filtered out by various filters at search engines, so this is one set of poison words. But some consider any words that lower your ranking in a search engine as poison words. Some people consider any words that encourage ads to pervade a whole site and displace much higher earning ads as poison words.
Stop Words is the name given to words which are filtered out prior to, or after, processing of natural language data (text). Hans Peter Luhn, one of the pioneers in information retrieval, is credited with coining the phrase and using the concept in his design. It is controlled by human input and not automated. This is sometimes seen as a negative approach to the natural articles of speech as mentioned above.

There is no definite list of stop words which all Natural language processing (NLP) tools incorporate. Not all NLP tools use a stoplist. Some tools specifically avoid using them to support phrase searching. The use of a stemming algorithm may reduce part of the rationale or dependence on a stoplist to filter out words.

Stop words can cause problems when using a search engine to search for phrases that include them, particularly in names such as 'The Who', 'The The', or 'Take That'.

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