June 25, 2011

Drawing a Curtain Around the Cloud

This week, the cloud computing start-ups Bromium and ScaleXTreme each announced exceptional investor funding of $9.2 and $11 million respectively. Bromium promises to deliver security services for the cloud, while ScaleXTreme specializes in helping companies manage other cloud service providers such as Amazon EC2 and VMware. While the amount of funding is high, the concepts behind these two start-ups reveal a surprising new development in cloud computing: less of a focus on innovation, and more of an emphasis on restriction.

Investors like cloud computing because it has demonstrated that it can actually make money. Businesses essentially lease software and hardware as needed. They can scale up or down in a matter of hours, which is vital in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced global economy. What is striking about both Bromium and ScaleXTreme is the fact that each of these companies are providing a sort of aftermarket cloud computing service. The hard-core programmers, such as Amazon, have already established their merits in terms of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Now we’re starting to see the evolution and corresponding investor gold rush of Management as a Service (MaaS?).

Read more: http://technorati.com/technology/article/drawing-a-curtain-around-the-cloud/#ixzz1QI7stQEO

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