June 28, 2011

Firefox EOL’s Itself

Computerworld is reporting some very disturbing news. Apparently, Firefox 4 (the browser they shipped 3 months ago) is being retired from security updates. According to Mozilla, version 4 of Firefox has reached the End of Life and they’re now instructing people to download Firefox 5.

I have a better idea. If they’re going to EOL a 3-month old browser, how about I uninstall Firefox and just download Chrome instead?

Lots of people are saying that this spells certain doom for Firefox in the corporate environment and that companies will have to switch to IE to maintain stability. I really hope that’s not the case. Versions of IE do tend to stick around…certainly beyond their welcome, and frequently beyond their due date (even Microsoft is asking for help eliminating IE6 from the internet. It’s like the smallpox of internet browsers), and they’ve not always been … uhh, sterling in terms of security.

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