June 28, 2011

SuperTooth HD Review

While this device was certainly the coolest and most iconic looking non-phone device at this year’s CTIA Pepcom in Orlando Florida, we had some rather large reservations about putting such an oddity in our vehicle when connecting a handset to our stereo via a headphone wire would do. Boy were we wrong. Not wrong about it replacing our in-car stereo, but wrong about the idea that this device is more than what it appears. Behold a gateway into the future, this is where in-car device relay is going, ladies and gentlemen, SuperTooth HD ho!

This device, like I said, is rather iconic. The folks at SuperTooth certainly have some talented industrial designers working for them – the simple execution of this bluetooth speaker for your car, with it’s subtle orange accents and perfectly wonderful plastic and metal construction showing their skill without a whisper of the over-the-top nature of most peripherals. You’ve simply to attach the device to its visor clamp with the built-in magnets, stick it above your head in your vehicle via the sun visor, and you’re on your way.

A few button taps here, a connection to your Android device there with your easy-to-use Bluetooth functions that are already built in to your handset, and you’re on your way to using this speaker as the hands-free access to your Android smartphone that you didn’t know you always wanted. This device is capable of connecting to two Android devices at the same time, connects to your car or USB charger if you plan on using it in your office*, and has “up to 20 hours of talk time” – a claim we found to be just about right, having the device in our car for about a week, using it as a speaker every time we drove and having no trouble with reception, loudness, or anything else for that matter until the battery ran out on Friday.

More - http://androidcommunity.com/supertooth-hd-review-20110627/

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