July 16, 2011

6 Conversion Tips for Your Squeeze Page - Using PPC to Generate Your Traffic


Pay Per Click Marketing method of directing loads of traffic to your website is not new and many internet marketers are using this method to increase their website visibility on the internet, although at a very high cost. We suggest that to be effective and profitable with PPC advertising where the strategy is to divert traffic to your squeeze page, here are 6 steps to getting it right without spending too much money.

On Page SEO

Optimise your website to rank naturally. The page you intend to rank for should have keyword density of not less than 3 percent as the title and should have H1, H2, and H3 header tags associated with the chosen keyword. This keyword must be underlined, bolded and italicised many times throughout the content and must seamlessly link to another page within your website. All images on the page must have 'ALT' tag reference. This is how the experts bid for same keywords at a lower cost.


Must have back-links pointing to your page and on that page and above the fold, you can also have your Squeeze Page - preferably on the right hand side. This squeeze page must also have back-links pointing to it.

Squeeze Page

It is believed by experts in the internet marketing arena that our eyes naturally move from left to right when we read and over 95% of mouse users usually pause the mouse on the right hand side of the computer screen. Although I can only hazard a guess for English texts and right-handed computer users, having your squeeze page above the fold and on the right hand side should be the best option.

You may test your squeeze page with different variations to ascertain which converts the most.

Analyse PPC Data

Track everything you do with PPC else you run the risk of losing money. Pay Per Click advertising has the tendency to generate high volumes of traffic very quickly hence setting your initial daily budget to a comfortable amount (£10.00) or less, is one way of monitoring your expenses. Once depleted, your Ads will then cease to be displayed. To be effective you will need more than a few days of data from clicks generated to be analysed for better results.

Monitor Conversion Traffic

Google Analytics is FREE and is capable of tracking clicks when goals are implemented during the initial stages. Therefore where your PPC advertising points to your incentivized squeeze page above the fold of your websites, you will be able to determine which keywords brought the visitors to your squeeze page. The general appeal of your squeeze page and your incentive (FREE GIFT) is what will entice the visitor to leave a name and email address to your list of subscribers.

Managing Your List

Auto-Responders are one of the best ways of managing your list and to script in advance all your intentions for your list. All the auto-responders on the market are good and they each come with video tutorials to help you navigate your way around the package. There are ethical guidelines and other Federal guidelines which needs to be strictly adhered to. The user must always be given the choice to cancel their subscription and you need to have your address on every email you send. These are some of the guidelines. Your auto responder needs to be designed before the launch of your PPC campaign. A good number apart from the confirmation and introductory email could be five weeks of bi-weekly emails to start with and your emails should be conversational.


Gone are the days when people were proud to receive emails and even boast about the number of emails they receive in a day. Now there are spam filters, a delete button or an un-subscribe link and your address available to your list hence we need to thread carefully if we want to be able to correspond with our customer for a long time. Maximizing your visitor value will derive from how you track and manage your squeeze page and of the long-term value of your customers.

My name is Austin Affor. I am a researcher, an aspiring writer and an internet marketer for over 4 years. If you want to increase sales on your website, then this is what most of the internet experts do and you can replicate their methods. They employ PPC techniques to draw huge traffic to their squeeze page and then convert this traffic to build a list. What the experts move on to do is schedule their auto responder and device ways to interact with their list. Managing your list is important in determining your costumer value and there are way to track your list through your sales funnel. You Tube is a good source for 'how to videos' on almost any subject, if you should get stuck on any of the processes mentioned in this article.

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