July 12, 2011

Do You Have A Professional Vehicle With Your Email Address On It? Don't Make The Same Mistake Again

Like most of you, I use the car daily to facilitate my business tasks. As I am driving I notice a lot around me, but more importantly small business vehicles, or even trucks with their company contact information advertised on the side or at the back.

The business owners who see this empty space on their vehicle as space for a big version of their business card, are missing a prime advertising opportunity.

These business owners believe it's suitable to include every small detail printed on their business card, but in a larger font to fill their vehicle's dimensions.

If you don't see any issue here let me explain.

Let's say you're driving on a highway and are at the back of a big truck.

Do you think there is any chance of you being able to hold the steering wheel with one hand, open the glove box with the other, search for a pen and paper, write down the fax or the email of this business and then use these details to contact them?

A large space, such as the one at the back of a big truck, provides exposure and if not used properly can be a ruined opportunity.

Imagine the sides and the back of your car like a webpage where you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of the visitor before they leave your site. You understand here of course that I make a parallelism with the driver at the back of your car.

You need to quickly deliver your message before he moves on. Now what is the most important information to give the driver in these few seconds?

  • A. the name-logo of your firm
  • B. the category of your business
  • C. the city where the business is located
  • D. the domain name of your site

What you're saying with these 4 lines of information is: I'm Firm A, and my business is B, my shop/business that you can find me is in city C and for more information look at my website D

You don't have to exclude your phone, or your fax, or your Facebook profile, or whatever other information you choose, just display them in a font size that your reader can see from 1m away and put the most important information in a font size that is readable from 20m away.

Phone numbers, Email addresses, or other such information aren't bad but they don't provide a central point of information for your business, which can be remembered by potential buyers or just curious drivers.

I'm not sure if you noticed but still there is a difficult task for the driver that is interested in seeing more about your business. It's the domain name of your website which is the central point of information about your business.

Difficult or long domains are hard to memorize so you may result in zero awareness from your advertising.

Imagine these two examples and tell yourself which would be more memorable if you were the driver behind the truck:

  • 1. myfirmname-ltd.com
  • 2. wines.com

I'm not you but I would choose the 2nd.

Read my other content to see a relevant article about the nature of domain names especially for the previous example I mentioned.

Bottom line, everything is an ad for your business, from the clothes you or your employees wear to your cars and your business cards. However, not all of them can be used in the same way. Each communication tool passes a different message to your future customers.

Socrates T Lambadarios works as Business Manager in CentralNic for GR.com suffix and invites you to visit the official website of GR.com

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