July 16, 2011

Is Your Site Relevant Enough for Google?

Google ranks websites based on 'Relevance'. But what does 'relevance' mean? It means that when someone is looking for a product or service like yours, they are looking for the website that offers them the most options, the most advise, the most help, the one that seems the most approachable and one that demonstrates that they keep current with their own market topic. But is this you?

The "I" Factor

Search Engines use many elements to calculate the relevancy of your web site. One such element is something called the "I Factor". Simply put, they actually count the number of times the terms "I", "Us", "We" & "Me" are used in a website, versus the term "You". Does your site speak more about you than about your visitor? Which way would seem to be more important or relevant to you as a site visitor? As tiny of an issue as this seems to be, it carries a lot of weight in the relevancy factor.

You see, a Search Engine wouldn't be worth its salt if couldn't find ways to serve up the most relevant sites to your searches, right? And boy do they KNOW it!

Content is King

This term is very common in the world of SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Without good content, your site couldn't be the most relevant. Without deep content, your site couldn't be the most relevant. And without content that is constantly changing or being updated, your site couldn't possibly be the most relevant to someone who types your keyword terms into a search engine.

So if your site stays static, has a few basic pages and never changes, where do you suppose it will be listed when a potential visitor types in one of your main key words into a search engine?

How to provide relevant content... Continuously!

This is where a lot of people get stuck. The feeling that their 10-page website 'says it all' is quite common, and that they don't know what else to say about their product or service. But try this: Write down the top 12 most commonly asked questions about your business, and each month pick one of those questions and write a few paragraphs in answer to each question. Each answer has now become a new article and each article can be used as a super rank-boosting tool for your overall site.

And there you have it: 12 new article pages of new and relevant content - all created by YOU, the expert in your business. Now simply add 1 of those articles each month, get them published on the big publishing websites, create all your back-links and voila: you have just come up with newer, deeper and more relevant content for your site for A WHOLE YEAR!

Your website partner should not only be there to create your website, but to help your products to get seen, get noticed and get bought! And this approach is WAY LESS EXPENSIVE than paying the big bucks for standard advertising!

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