July 12, 2011

The Perfect Domain Name Does Not Exist

That's right. The perfect domain name does not exist. Well, not really. But I've bought some that I thought were pretty close!

Like "Banana Cookie Recipes"? That wasn't so bad. Except... there aren't that many banana cookie recipes. (Darn. I really considered that to be a good find.)

And then there was "Cat Puzzles". I thought that one was a grabber. Trouble was there just weren't that many people looking for actual cat puzzles.

And how about "FarmVille Game Rules"? Turns out FarmVille was trademarked. Who would have guessed?

Then there was "Red And Purple Fun". That was after I bought "red-hat-ladies-society.com" and found out that they, too, were trademarked. Anyone equate "Red And Purple Fun" with Red Hat Ladies? The answer to that is a big NO.

I'm laying it out all here. I also bought "funnyvideoscom.com". Don't laugh, it had some decent traffic when you did the research.

And I might as well mention "wwwebkinzcom.com". Oh the pain of learning curves.

But I've been in the business for over ten years now and I must say that I think I'm getting the hang of it - slowly, domain name by domain name. OK, OK, so I have over 30 domains and I'm still learning.

That's why I thought I'd help you along. Here are some tips for picking out your perfect domain name:
1. There is nothing that can take the place of patience and knowledge. When you are searching for a domain name, make sure you have run a keyword search. I like Google's Keyword Search Tool and it's free. You want something with good traffic, but not where there is a lot of competition.

2. Make sure that every word in your domain name describes the site you will be building. Remember "Cat Puzzles"? Even I didn't know what it really stood for so I threw in a little bit of everything about cats AND puzzles just to entice traffic from wherever I could get it.

3. Don't use words that don't add. For instance, a, the, more, very, etc.

4. Aim for.com,.net,.org - in that order. Although sometimes the opposite order works extremely well. I have some good.org

5. I wouldn't recommend dashes between words.

There. Some words of wisdom to the novice. I know you'll do your research and read up on which keywords are right for you. Don't forget about long tail keywords that consist of three or more words that are almost like a descriptive sentence. And don't forget how "Cat Puzzles" aims you in two different directions. Make it easy for the reader. Either do something like "World's Greatest Cats" or, yup, you guessed it, "World's Greatest Puzzles".

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