July 16, 2011

Reasons to Create a Website for Business

The internet is growing constantly, with many websites being created on a daily basis. In addition, more and more people are gaining access to it increasing its appeal. Phone companies are currently battling it out with various smartphones that have the ability to browse the web on the move, which is once again increasing the strength of the internet. With this in mind, it is wise for companies to create an online presence in order to reach a wider audience.

Technology is changing year on year, with various advances being made to improve access to the internet. This is shown by the sheer number of smartphones being released by mobile phone companies. These advances enable people to browse websites wherever they may be. For instance, when someone is commuting from home to work, they are able to look online for various services.

This is a clear advantage and a strong reason for why a business should create a website. Through doing this, they are able to advertise their services or products to a wide audience. Also, by offering a reviews section, a contact form or a forum, it allows customers to engage with the company and with one another. Positive reviews may even increase sales for that particular product or service.

Another reason for creating a website is the opportunity to avoid certain costs. For example, one of the biggest online retailers is Amazon, who offer products at low prices with free delivery. They are able to offer these prices, as their costs are less than shops in the city centre. By not renting a property in expensive areas such as shopping districts, significant daily costs are bypassed. These costs not only include the rent, but high electricity bills, labour and the furniture and technology for the actual shop.

Online retailers are able to choose from a selection of locations for their premises as they do not have to think about ideal locations to attract customers; which is done online through computers and smartphones. Therefore rent will be considerably cheaper with offices and warehouses located outside of the city centre. Taking this into account for a national retailer, they would be able to save significant costs from closing several stores down.

However there are additional costs to take into consideration, but these will be relatively insignificant for most businesses. These are the costs of creating and running a website. There are annual costs such as purchasing the URL address and a hosting package. There is also a one off fee of purchasing a website design. In addition it will be necessary to hire employees to run the website and to keep it updated.

With the internet showing no signs of slowing down its growth, it should almost be a prerequisite for any company to create an online presence in order to take advantage of this shift in technology. With access increasing, there are various business opportunities and through social media, a chance to reach millions of prospective customers.

Harry is a business consultant who has been involved with online and e-commerce activities with a web design Loughborough company.

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