July 12, 2011

Should You Change Your Domain Name Or Run Multiple Domains?

One's domain name is of great importance to his overall success on the World Wide Web. Without a quality domain name to do your bidding, your potential audience can grow confused and possibly forget that you exist. You have to make it simple for them and relevant to what you are selling or what your topic of choice is. It's always best to find a niche and exploit it for maximum gain. With that said, many web entrepreneurs are moving to multiple domains, and with good reason. Changing to multiple domains has a number of options that it can afford the savvy web guru.

For starters, multiple domains allow you to exploit multiple niches. Instead of just opening up one revenue stream, or pursuing only one passion, you can more easily and effectively draw large audiences in multiple areas of interest. Why not just do multiple things from one domain source? First, you would confuse your audience. When an audience has trouble discovering exactly what it is that you are all about, this can lead to frustration, and they could end up going to someone, who is more focused in their efforts. Secondly, crawlers, which are used by search engines to match searches with worthy web content, may also get confused as to the purpose of your site and fail to deliver you in their results as a worthy source of information.

Secondly, you can register multiple domains and use the redirect feature to protect your branding. For instance, if you are bookseller dot com, you may also wish to try "dot net" and "dot org" distinctions, since they are extremely popular extensions, and redirect them to the main branded site. This protects outside competition from coming in and potentially stealing some of your business. It also just makes sense for your potential customers.

Thirdly, multiple domains are an affordable way to get involved with more than one area of interest. Rather than building five or six different buildings for five or six different stores, you can spend an exponentially smaller amount establishing your web shop and, voila, you have six businesses running at once for far less than what it would cost to pursue one in the "real world."

While multiple domains will not automatically make you a success, they can open a new revenue stream for you as you work to make your living on the Internet and become a household name among those, who may be able to get the most use out of what you have to offer them. But remember, once the domain name is yours, it is time for you to do something with it. Put in all the creativity that you've got, and watch your efforts start to grow.

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