July 16, 2011

Struggling to Think of New Blog Posts? Think of Hundreds of New Posts Easily

Three of my teams recently mentioned that they were struggling to think of new blog post topics and asked me if I had any advice for them.

I fully appreciate that it must be a difficult, stressful and worrying task to try to think of a blog post on a daily basis, if you haven't planned ahead. I gave them a very simple tool and now they have more blog post ideas than they know what to do with.

If you have a similar issue, all you need is a couple of spare hours and a pad of A4 paper and I promise you that you will have more blog posts than you know what to do with. After you have completed this exercise your issue will be more about what order to write the posts in, rather than stressing daily about finding a topic to blog about.

What we are going to do is to create a "mind map" of your blog. The more time you spend on this the better your blog will be, but you can do the basic plan in less than twenty minutes.

Take a blank sheet of paper and in the centre of this sheet, write the central theme of your blog in a maximum of two or three words; internet marketing, technology, health and fitness, making money, cars and bikes, foreign holidays etc.

For the purpose of this exercise I am going to use a central theme of "Internet Marketing".

Draw a circle around your central theme words. Now draw a number of equally spaced arrows radiating from this central theme. At this stage I would suggest you start with 6, 8, or 10, and you can add or subtract these later.

Draw a small circle at the end of each arrow and in each circle write a sub-topic that is directly related to your central theme. This becomes your control sheet.

Using "Internet Marketing" as the central theme I might choose;

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Making Money
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reviews
  • Sales

For each of these sub-topics repeat the exercise you have just done for Internet Marketing on a new sheet of paper.

For example, on one sheet of paper I would write "Blogging" in the centre of the sheet, and on a second sheet of paper I would write "Social Media", and so on for each of my topics.

Again, draw 6, 8 or 10, equally spaced arrows radiating from the central themes of "blogging" and "social media" and draw a small circle at the end of each arrow.

In these circles, write sub-topics that are directly related to the central theme.

For "Blogging" I might choose;

  • Choosing a blog host
  • Create a blog
  • Choosing a theme
  • How to write a post
  • How to edit a post
  • Choosing a title for each post
  • Plug ins
  • SEO basics
  • Tags
  • Post syndication

For "Social Media" I might choose;

  • The importance of social media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Stumble

At this point, if you had started with your central theme and thought of just eight sub-topics and a further eight topics for each of these sub-topics you now have SIXTY-FOUR separate but linked ideas for your blog.

Now it starts to get really exciting. Let's take the "social media" topic and use "Facebook" as the sub-topic.

Get a new sheet of paper and write "Facebook" as the central theme and think of as many different aspects of Facebook (FB) that you could write 300 - 1500 words about. You might choose topics such as;

  • The history of FB and how many users it has
  • Setting up and editing a FB profile
  • Basic FB etiquette
  • Joining a FB group
  • Creating a FB group
  • Adding and deleting friends
  • Creating and editing a FB fan page
  • Shortening a FB fan page URL
  • FB advertising
  • Adding a FB picture
  • Messaging in FB
  • Creating FB capture pages
  • Customizing FB pages and pictures
  • FB advertising

Now, for some of your sixty-four topics you might only be able to think of three to five separate things to write a post about, but for others such as FB I might be able to think of twenty or thirty. The list above was produced as I typed and given very little thought.

I would suggest that given a little bit of thought you would probably average about TEN topics for each of your sixty-four. This means that you have now got SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY potential posts!

Put all your sheets of paper into a file and compile an index as the front sheet. As you write about a particular topic, cross it off your index sheet, and as you type a post and think of another sub-topic you can add it to your index.

I would suggest that six hundred and forty potential posts, written at perhaps four or five posts a week, means that you now have two years worth of ideas in front of you and filed away ready and waiting for action. I think you will agree that for a couple of hours work, or maybe even a couple of days work that is a result in anyone's language.

However, if you think or feel that you would like some more ideas you can contact me through my details below.

Richie Lloyd
Experienced Corporate Business and Marketing Manager based inthe North of England. Certified Practitioner of NLP, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy, Mentor, Teacher and Student in the field of internet marketing. Master of Positive Thinking, Goal Setting Strategies and Goal Planning. Published Author and in demand Motivational Speaker. I invite you to visit my blog at http://www.richielloyd.com to find out more about what I do, how I may be of benefit to you in your personal, business and financial aspirations and to take advantage of a number of FREE gifts, strategies, recommendations, hints and tips to enable you to achieve the success that you deserve. I am happy to work with you on a one on one at home basis, or I can visit your business for a no cost and no obligation discussion about what I can do to help you progress as individuals or groups. I will work on a results only financial basis or for a flat fee should you prefer.

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