August 11, 2011

Anonymous: Facebook Will Be Destroyed By Digital Warfare

November 5, 2011 is to mark an important date in our history; Facebook will be destroyed by a group that has dedicated itself to the protection of every internet surfer’s civil liberties. Anonymous has marked the date, and we are to expect them.

Everyone will have a different name for vigilantes, be it an individual or a group. However, it does not matter because they refer to themselves as Anonymous.

Anonymous is the leading group in the new age of digital warfare. They have taken it upon themselves to grant internet users complete and total freedom. They are active opponents to the idea of internet censorship.

Initially in 2005, the group hacked for sport and in the process was able to develop and improve upon what would eventually become a technique. Anonymous developed a signature style of attack and has flawlessly been successful in nearly all of their attempts thus far.

Since 2008, the group has grown in size and become far more organized in its mode and methods of attack. The group consists of a wide variety of people in different lines of work by day, while fighting for internet users by night… or day too.

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