August 5, 2011

It’s Official: Brits Are a Nation Obsessed by Smartphones

New research by Ofcom in the UK claims that we as a nation are addicted to our smartphones: over a quarter of adults now own a smartphone, and even more staggering is that nearly half of teenagers also own one. Most have acquired their phone during the last year and the total number of smartphone handsets in the UK is now well over 12 million.

iPhone v Blackberry

The battle for the marketplace is between the big three: iPhone, Blackberry and Android handsets, with Apple being the most popular choice for adults, but strangely(to my mind anyway) Blackberry being the set of choice for teenagers.

Apple currently has a 32 percent market share among adults, but BlackBerry handsets have also taken a significant share of the market at 24 percent and are particularly popular among female teens with 44 percent of them owning the iconic Canadian brand. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this preference is driven by the BlackBerry messenger service which offers a free alternative to traditional SMS texting.

When asked about their use of these devices 37 percent of adults and 60 percent of teens admitted that they were addicted to them, with over half using the phone whilst socializing, and nearly a quarter have used them during mealtimes and over 20 percent of adults and nearly half of teenagers admitting to using them whilst in the bathroom. Teenagers in particular are likely to have high levels of addiction to their smartphones with teen girls being more addicted than boys.

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