December 15, 2011

3 Tips on How Flash Website Design Artists Can Meet Deadlines by Webguru India

Designing a website using Flash technology requires impeccable designing, creative insight and technical skills. With the advancement of technology, Flash websites can be made search engine friendly. This is important for making the website crawlable by search engine spiders. Flash website design professionals use animated banners, headers and incorporate special animation effects to make a website visually alluring to visitors.

However, designing a website in Flash takes time. There are some instances when the Flash designing process becomes so complex that deadlines are missed. A Flash design professional has to be extra careful when designing a Flash site. He simply cannot afford to miss client deadlines, how difficult the project might be.

It is true that designing a website integrating Flash videos and animations is difficult, but deadlines have to be met. There are some designers who delay a project for a day thinking that it will not make much of a difference. Clients have a bad impression on such designers who misses deadlines. This might have an adverse effect on your Flash designing business.

This article will therefore highlight some ways by which Flash artists can meet deadlines maintaining quality. Let's have a look at them:

1. Create Mini Deadlines

You might be wondering what mini deadline is all about. Let me explain. When a client approaches you to design a Flash site, he briefs you about it, and states the deadline date. After evaluating the nature of the project, you agree to the deadline that has been set for the completion of the project. After you and your client both agree, create a set of mini-deadlines. Such deadlines should be reasonably set and be very clear.

As a designer, you should set a deadline for your preliminary design. Show your client the initial designs when they are complete. Next your client will give some feedback on these designs. When you have received all of the feedbacks, start working on the final design of the Flash site.

This way your client will have an idea of the progress of the work, and you too work as per the feedback. Once you start setting mini deadlines, you will be able to complete Flash projects in time.

2. Promise Less, Deliver More

Professional Flash artists work following this strategy. Set deadlines that make your clients feel happy but always keep allowance for some extra time. Giving yourself some additional time is important incase some issues crop up. It might be something personal or professional.

You should state a date that is a bit further from the date that is needed to complete the project. If some issues come up, you can still meet the deadline. If not, you can deliver a ready website earlier than the deadline date. This will be a win-win situation for you! The moral of the story is to promises less and deliver more!

3. Decide on a Deadline Together

You should also have a say when your client decides on the deadlines. There is no need to feel apprehensive simply because you have been hired by your client to design a website using Flash.

You should avoid working with a client who is too rigid and not flexible with your agenda, and your existing Flash projects. There is no point in working with a client who doesn't understand the intricacies of Flash designing.

Therefore, have your say when finalizing the deadline date. Explain to your client how much time it takes to create a fully functioning Flash website.

I hope that you agree with me after reading this article. If you consider the above mentioned tips while finalizing deadlines, it will help you to deliver projects in time.

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