December 16, 2011

Internet Marketing in Philadelphia: How Web Design Affects Conversions by Stephanie Aiello

As a Philadelphia business owner, you know that all parts of a machine must work together to run successfully. The same applies to establishing your business online; without all components working cohesively at their fullest potential, the likelihood of achievement is decreased.

When it comes to achieving conversions and growing revenue online, two major factors come into play. Read on to discover what matters most to turn website visitors into customers.

Web Design in Philadelphia

Philadelphia and the surrounding area pose a competitive business market. Your website is a representation of your organization, and in many cases the very first impression people receive. High quality web design in Philadelphia connects visitors to your brand and also ensures your website is attractive, up to date, and easy to use. A main concern that keep visitors from converting is the layout of a website - either they cannot find what they are looking for or the navigation is unclear at some point in the conversion process (comparing products, contact form, shopping cart, pdf downloads, etc.). Professional web design in Philadelphia can be found at an affordable price that pays for itself in the end. Consider utilizing professional web design in Philadelphia to avoid future complications that result in a major headache for all involved.

Internet Marketing in Philadelphia

Marketers and web designers work together to produce the optimal layout to drive traffic and conversions. Once your website has a solid design, it's time to construct your Internet marketing strategy. This umbrella term encompasses many different tactics depending on your industry and marketing budget. The most popular and effective forms of Internet marketing in Philadelphia include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid search advertising, social media optimization, email marketing, video marketing, blogging, and much more.

The beauty of Internet marketing in Philadelphia is that you can convey a single message through a vast number of media platforms. For example, say you are running a 20% promotion on a new product line. SEO and paid search help your promotion's landing page appear in search results, video marketing grabs the attention of visual learners, email marketing delivers the special straight to your audience's inbox, and so on. Of course, industries will differ in what strategy is most effective for their goals.

The combination of Internet marketing and web design in Philadelphia positions your business for growth and success.Take note that one does not work without the other! With some research you can discover cost-effective professional services to help you achieve your business objectives for lasting results.

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