December 17, 2011

Recipe for designing a successful website by Paul Smith

If you ask yourself whether it is more important to focus on website aesthetics or content the answer is that you need to focus on both. Internet users may not get to the highly engaging content if a website is not visually appealing or switch to a website which is easier to understand if yours features awesome effects but takes ages to load. Website design UK professionals know the recipe for a successful website.

Add contrast but keep it simple

People who want to stand out from the crowd wear brightly coloured or unusually designed clothes. Some website owners tend to think that the same rule is applied to website design. A website featuring contrasting elements, fonts and styling may turn heads but when all these come in appropriate doses. To encourage casual browsers to stay on the page longer, it's better to make it user-friendly. Being creative is good but keep in mind that the best website is never overloaded with pictures, links and text.

Tell about yourself

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what a certain website is about? Dedicated website design UK specialists can tell you that stating your website objectives clearly is an important ingredient in a successful website recipe. Each website is there to draw in traffic so people should understand what you offer them. Providing as many details about your products and services as possible is an advantage as it may generate confidence in your offer. You can also indicate your business experience for potential customers to know whom they are going to deal with. Make sure that information provided is to the point and easy to skim as lots of people don't read the entire page.

Fulfil commitments

Experienced website design UK experts emphasise the importance of giving visitors what they expect you to give them as it may help turn casual browsers into loyal customers. To enable visitors to access the necessary information in a couple of clicks, all website sections should have relevant names and easy navigation. If your website is created to market products, the checkout process should be transparent and simple; if you provide services, there are should be correct contact details. Don't promise more than you can fulfil; stick to your products and services and it may turn casual visitors into paying customers.

Keep customers in mind

When turning to website design UK professionals, remember that you want them to create a website for both loyal and potential customers. Website usability and accessibility are key factors to your website success. Your website should be user-friendly, the word 'user-friendly' being applied to both the language and the layout. Don't make your visitors spend hours trying to find what they look for or checking dictionaries for complicated terms. Make sure your website can be viewed in various browsers as you never know which potential customers are using. Clickable links make all pages easily accessible which adds to overall positive experience.

It doesn't matter how great web design is if the website has poor content. Hand your website into the hands of website design UK professionals and they can make it a place where people want to return.

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