July 18, 2013

Ceck UI Against Windows Interface etc Standards

DHTML and ActiveX/OpenGL web application (The ...
DHTML and ActiveX/OpenGL web application (The look as it was in the year 1999) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Exploratory Testing can be performed by identifying the User interface standards. There are set standards laid down for the user interfaces that need to be developed. These user standards are nothing but the look and feel aspects of the interfaces the user interacts with. The user should be comfortable with any of the screens that (s)he working. These aspects help the end user to accept the system faster.
Example: For Web application,
o Is the background as per the standards? If the bright background is used, the user might not feel comfortable.
o What is size of the font used?
o Are the buttons of the required size and are they placed in the comfortable location.
o Sometimes the applications are developed to avoid usage of the scroll bar. The content can be seen with out the need to scroll.
By identifying the User standards, define an approach to test because the application developed should be user friendly for the user’s usage. He should feel comfortable while using the system. The more familiar and easier the application for usage, faster the user feels comfortable to the system.

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