May 29, 2014

Interview with Nicole Buffett - Warren Buffett's Granddaughter

Nicole Buffett, granddaughter of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is interviewed. She is a successful artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
0:00 Warren Buffett is the second richest man in the world 0:03 Bill Gates is the first show no one but it is a second with a net worth 0:07 a $44 billion dollars you might assume that his granddaughter is live in my to 0:13 whale 0:13 I am the granddaughter warm bath it 0:17 I've been very blessed to have my education taking care 0:21 and I have my living expenses taking cab while I'm in school 0:24 after out of school we don't get any money for my family 0:28 I'll work for arm 0:31 a family here in terms the school Italian bonds and learn I'm easing 0:35 me wonderful family the deal organizing 0:38 just things in their home organizing toys I think it's a very weird thing to 0:43 be working for a very wealthy family considering I do you come from 0:46 one of the wealthiest families in america and I feel 0:49 the family I work for feels a bit humor brown 0:53 the fact that I'm from one to the wealthiest families a wealthy family and 0:56 then 0:57 believe they are feelings hurt gramm yet 1:00 sold up 1:04 arm I definitely fears judgment 1:09 arm money is the Spokane my grandfather's we love life 1:13 I think either people are coming from a place of love her fear 1:17 and fear drives us to want to hold on the things and not share because we're 1:22 afraid that there's not enough 1:24 for ourselves if we let go you know we're gonna 1:27 not have enough ass South so we're gonna talk to call but when we come back about 1:33 having the second richest man in the world is your grandfather 1:36 but not getting any of his money we'll talk about that about so what is it like 1:42 to be from 1 up 1:43 the wealthiest families in the world but live in a middle-class 1:46 world your own I would say I'm a very unusual and unique experience um 1:53 actually feel very fortunate I feel that I have 1:57 I get kinda best herbal world way am 2:01 I feel like I'm connected to my heart and my soul and I 2:05 I live a life that I feel comes from that place 2:08 yeah um and I also know 2:12 that I've been very blessed to have opportunities 2:15 questions your grandfather pay for your education your 2:18 as a paid for your stay while you were 2:21 you know yet yeah which was unusual which that me apart 2:25 from almost everyone that I was in school and 2:29 yeah it created my education my whole experience to be 2:32 a just different I didn't have to worry hanging over my head 'em 2:37 paying back loans and that was never a concern which 2:40 which allow me the freedom but i think is interesting because your grandfather 2:45 I have I 2:46 I know you can't buy that your grandfather's also known for 2:49 his sorta remaining down to earth in spite of the bill 2:52 dollars living in the same neighborhood yes and 2:56 you know never moving out of that environment in you know 2:59 yes yes it's true there's not a flamboyant wealthy man not at all 3:03 not at all not at all I need he would never want any of his 3:06 children or grandchildren to be that way it would 3:10 he would think it would kinda robber yeah 3:13 ike's and has you know made public statements about not leaving 3:17 all his money to his kids right yeah how do you feel about that 3:21 am I feel I feel OK I'm at peace with that 3:27 but I do feel that arm 3:31 it would be nice to be involved with creating 3:35 things other with that money involved in it I feel 3:39 completely excluded from it do you ever wish you had more money 3:43 yes you do they do would you ever 3:46 like go to him and asked for money um 3:50 I have and it's usually turned down 3:54 when I was younger in high school for school trips and those kinds of things 3:58 and it was usually turned down because they would that me apart 4:01 from the other grandchildren who would give me something that was 4:05 only because he had that money so 4:09 is the expectation in your family that you every person has turned whatever 4:13 they get 4:13 yet you given the education yeah and then you have to run whatever yes are 4:17 you okay with that 4:18 I'm okay with that I really think that's remarkable I think it's wonderful 4:21 yeah ago 4:28 and Konkan honestly sit here and say you feel no resentment 4:31 to your grandfather for not having just small truck 4:35 well not yet I a 4:38 a couple million on an emotional level yeah on an emotional level 4:42 II from go hey you know well I just wish I kid 4:46 not worry I wish I had that i think thats wish that we all have human being 4:51 I'm at I i think thats that's real

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